Alive in Infnity


We will always  be less than we are if we live I anything less than ourselves. I’m looking at at you law addict or cultural Christian. Despite your training to the contrary, law is both less than God and less than you. So.

Here it is, New Years Eve day. It has snuck up on me almost unawares as I sample the enjoyments of our Beach Holiday with Family at Thirroul NSW. Last night we walked along the beach in the twilight to enhance well being and walk off our ample dinner. As we walked I thought of our life in Father; of our need to live from Him, rather than from lesser things that are creations of either God or ourselves. Idolatry takes subtle forms in this age. Like shadows and wraiths, our idolatries are incarnated as pet theories, values and institutions. Or Belief Systems that exclude God, distort Him, or reinvent Him in our own image. Our most subtle idols are our dilutions of Christ into a being less than He is – and this through the manufacture of substitute and false christs that are an amalgam of ourselves and our distortions of God.

Jesus offers you life. Not Christianity, church membership or a belief system.

Distortions: An idol is anything we are living from that is not God. An idol of God is anything that we are living in that is not Christ. The most pervasive and insidious idol is the idol of religion. This involves the worship of the things of Christ as though they are Christ. The worship of events and patterns as if they are sacred and the attribution of God to things that are no more than usages and things. If idolatry was alienating in the Old Testament it is more repugnant and degrading since there has been a Christ who lives in and with us. Life has a face, a name and a culture. It’s Jesus. This is the new creation.

God is I AM because He is completely Himself, never diluted with things extrinsic to Himself or beholden to any criteria of personhood that is not intrinsic to His being. God lives from no law, other than Himself who is not a law but a person and more: Three persons in one.The I AM of God is fundamental to life and being alive.. I AM is  the ultimate expression of personhood and of redemption. The redeemed woman can say I am who I am. I am Joan, daughter of God and the full expression of my name and my being. We are reborn in Father as our authentic selves – sons of God and no longer the possession of the father of lies. We are the truth in our being.

In the new covenant we are  redeemed out of an addiction to behaviors and reinstated as persons who live from the person of God as sons and heirs of His personhood. The I AM OF GOD is also the source of Pauls description of Jesus as the Law of the Spirit of Life – a kind of law that has nothing to do with Moses and everything to do with the expression of Father in His sons.

We were made to live in God as sons who are I Am in His image. You are meant to be yourself totally In the same way that Father is totally Himself. This is your heritage and destiny. We are hidden in Christ in order to be revealed as sons in the world. None whose Messiah is church or Christian culture can expect to live to their potential as daughters or sons or even become well rounded human being. Because you will not be living as sons of God. You will be attempting to get by as daughters of Adam, stymied by the frustrations of an existence in the knowledge of good and evil pretending to be your life in God. We can’t live as sons on the spirit of sonship in anything less than The Son.

Legalism makes God less than rules. It leaves us less than sons, unhealed, half blind and

Scrambling in religion when we could have had a  personal Jesus, a psyche that is robust and healthy and a life in the Spirit that enables us to live above the mundane but be fully human and fully alive.


This year resolve to make Christ your life so that you reign in life rather than complain about strife. When Christ is our life all things are under our feet because they are under His. We are more than we imagine and infinitely greater than we anticipated when we live where we have been placed. In Fathers heart.




Here is a Facebook post from Francois Du Toit:

I sent Baxter Kruger the completed Gospel of John a few days ago and this is his response:

“Brother, this is magnificent! Jesus leans upon the Father’s breast, John lean’s on Jesus’ breast, and your translation flows out of your leaning on John’s breast! Such resonance. Thrilling. I love the way you bring out the face to face intimacy Jesus and his Father and our inclusion. I am quickened with longing and hope and a renewed sense of great adventure.

Holy Spirit thank you for inspiring my brother. What an astounding gift. Spread Francois’ translation throughout the cosmos to awaken us all to the truth of all truths until we know as we are known!

I am so very proud of you my brother!”

These Brothers help release current revelation of Fathers heart for His daughters and sons. Yet it is no addition to what already is. It has always been and it will be – incarnated as Jesus in you and as His Church?




I am presently on holidays at a delightful beach-side spot known as Thirroul. I noticed in the paper today, that someone recommended  the return of Tony Abbott to the cabinet. Mr Abbott is a good and decent man with some peculiar views. Views not so much whacky but so inclined to belabour the past that they come close to it. The promotion of coal over clean energy resources, seems to rest on  nothing more than these are old energy resources and what he is used to. There are people who through timidity and fright, glue themselves to what they know, even when the practises involved are anaemic or even harmful.

We have no right to do that when the One who is our Savior is Life Himself.

A year ago I came close to a heated argument with a fellow Believer over her assertions that were unbiblical because they were based on a sectarian perversion of the scriptures. To this person, they the real interpretation, even though they were a distortion legitimized by a false prophet. The body of doctrine flowing from these distortions is actually a cunningly devised fable that un-hinges the accomplishment of God and debilitates Believers who embrace it.

The point, along with remarks about Mr Abbott is that we need to see with the Lords eyes to have the truth that sets us free.

Yet this woman and her friends are kind, loving and sincere people. Which tells us something. It shows us that there is something more vital than being a loving person. It is that the greater love is to be aligned with the love of God, what He has done and to be informed and in agreement with how He has done it. Ultimately our love is lacking when we accommodate ourselves to falsehood.

An old covenant version of love is inferior to the new.The fact of Christ our life in toto enables us to truly love ourselves, love others and return Gods love to us by being sons in spirit and in truth. The best way to love God is to be who you are. And this is open to you when Christ is your life.

Christ is not your life when you are beholden to old covenant assumptions. This is an inferior way that has been replaced by the new and living way of the person of Jesus permeating your  being by His Spirit.

Jesus never adopted a political approach. There was nothing conservative or liberal about His ministry. As I AM He just was. As creator He represented life. As the Way He was the path of progression and advancement of the human race. In Jesus we have Father’s  past intentions and future destiny for humanity come to live by The Spirit in us and all who receive  Him. This is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and His Sons.

Avoid cunningly devised fables posing as new light or truth. Read your Bible through the Jesus lens and no other. Reject denominations claiming their teachings as the way. Spurn ministries claiming to possess keys. There is one key to the Kingdom. This is, YOU ARE THE CHRIST, THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD!


Beyond the Horse Mentality

4beyondthehorsementalityTo live in our potential as a human being we must live in the Spirit. We are talking here of the Spirit of Christ. When filled with the Spirit in this sense we are filled with the Son of Man and He ignites our life. I use the word ignite because it is the  Spirit of Christ who lights up our being. To live in the flesh is to live without the lights turned on. At best we never reach our potential. At worst our behavior tends to more animal than human. But we have a life that is Christ that enable us to live in the Spirit of Sonship as sons of God.

More here.

Born To Be You


Our life is not about carnality and selfishness. But it is about being who were were born to be. In the last post I wrote about our need ‘to be.’ I sometimes ask my daughter what she is doing. ‘Just being,’ she will say. In our home we understand this to mean, ‘I’m just chilling and being me.’ Because of Jesus all of us can live, move and have our being as ourselves. We will never be ourselves in the ambit of the father of lies but in Jesus we will be who we are in spirit and in truth. God’s worshipers in spirit and in truth have not adopted some kind of piety. The are living as daughters and sons. As a result they are who they are. More here.

Jesus Manifest as People

4ASTHECHURCHThe expectation that the church represents the life of Jesus is a mirage. It’s an inversion of the gospel. Jesus is not the product of human structures. As the new creation He is the yeast that transforms the dough. As alpha and omega Jesus is the source of the church and the expression of it as people. There will be no healing for us if we believe in salvation by church. Institutionalism leaves us un-healed, un-transformed and blundering on damaging ourselves and those we were meant to strengthen. More.

The Gift of You

3GIFTOFYOUThe Lord’s Table – the bread and the wine –  is a sign of the Christ who becomes our life. The reality of Christ our life is the new testament way of living – the new and living way that is Christ as us. In eating Him, eating His flesh and drinking His blood He becomes us, the result of which is that we become ourselves in spirit and in truth. We are who we are –  not figuratively or poetically –  but in the reality constructed and affirmed by God.