Here is a Facebook post from Francois Du Toit:

I sent Baxter Kruger the completed Gospel of John a few days ago and this is his response:

“Brother, this is magnificent! Jesus leans upon the Father’s breast, John lean’s on Jesus’ breast, and your translation flows out of your leaning on John’s breast! Such resonance. Thrilling. I love the way you bring out the face to face intimacy Jesus and his Father and our inclusion. I am quickened with longing and hope and a renewed sense of great adventure.

Holy Spirit thank you for inspiring my brother. What an astounding gift. Spread Francois’ translation throughout the cosmos to awaken us all to the truth of all truths until we know as we are known!

I am so very proud of you my brother!”

These Brothers help release current revelation of Fathers heart for His daughters and sons. Yet it is no addition to what already is. It has always been and it will be – incarnated as Jesus in you and as His Church?