The issue today is this: Is Christ your life? If He is our life in spirit and in truth; if we are alive in Jesus in the Spirit because our flesh has received Him; because we are sustained by His very person in that we eat His flesh and drink His blood, we are alive as ourselves – alive as Mary, Jane and Bob and alive as a sons/daughters and a representative of Jesus and our Father. To worship in spirit and in truth is to be one with God, in union with Christ and disentangled from religion – which means that we are not under the misconception that we are in God when we are merely in god-stuff. Religion keeps people searching for God when He is already in and among us. More here.




If we find ourselves to be rusted on ideologues of the institutional church, it may be that we are largely removed from what Jesus and His Father are doing. Any life that  that is genuinely spirit and life  is sourced from heaven and channeled by ourselves into the situations we live in. Any situation. This is how we are channels of living water, rather than channels of institutionalism and the un-life of the ‘structured-letter.’ More.

Life without Limit


Life is found in Jesus alone. Not even in Bible study or praise and worship. It’s not found in any activity at all. Nor is life found in any object, holy day and sacred place. It’s not even found in service or mission activity. Life is entirely of Jesus and in Jesus. All of the above have great benefit when they are the expression of Christ in us and when they are the spirit and life of Jesus as our life and the manifestation of Father and Holy Spirit in our being. I’m talking of the difference between religion and spirit-life. One is just us. The other is the Kingdom in spirit and in truth. More here.

To Do what Father is Doing


The things that exist, all of them, find their life, structure and purpose in the Son of God, the logos and Living Word. Which brings us back to the notion of ecology. There is a spiritual ecology in which the physical ecology exists. This is a web of relationships in the spirit. To be a disciple of Jesus; to trust in Him and regard Him as our life is to be aligned with the real meaning and purpose of the cosmos. More here.

All Life!


There’s a passion for Jesus. Some have it. Others have accommodated themselves to the routine of religion. Orthodoxy is what they like. It demands little of them other than turning up. And it allows them to use the name of Jesus while essentially living their own lives. The former are ever eager to enjoy fullness in Christ and offer its joys to others. The latter are often unwittingly part of the war against fullness in Christ. More..

God is Love and Truth is a Person

1lifeofgodGod is no respecter of persons, which means that He is not constrained by our categories and labels.

Today I read about a Muslim woman who hugged a bitter and poisonous Christian woman demonstrating outside her mosque. This was remarkable for two things. Firstly the Muslim woman said, ‘Something just came over me and I was moved to hug her.’ The something that ‘came over her’ was undoubtedly the spirit of Jesus. The agitated Christian woman with her anger was melted by her love. More here.

Fruit That Lasts

We can produce fruit that lasts. This is fruit that is rooted in eternity past and eternity future. The roots of this fruit are located in our Father. This is how Jesus lived – not as  Jew, not as a representative of religion but as the expression of His Father’s life. This is what sons do. They produce fruit that lasts.