As a little Child


Jesus has enabled us to speak words of spirit and life. Our topic has been our life in Jesus and our union with Father through Jesus.

Tom has been leading in the healing ministry. Jesus heals through Tom and Tom models how to do it.

Tom often gets little children to pray because of their innocence and faith. And to show that this gift is for all.

This little girl had a passion for Jesus and much faith. Yet our faith is not what counts. It is Jesus faith in us.


India Ministry


I and two colleagues are going to India on Saturday. We will minister with Indian pastors for three weeks. This is my 4th trip. People have faith in India – maybe because many have little else to have fain in. Or because, as is the case with the many Hindus who come to be prayed for – if God is real He must be able to do ‘God things’ like heal the sick, raise the dead and cast our demons.

I am able to blog from my iPad so I hope to give accounts when the opportunity arises of God’s grace and authority. Feel free to pray for our safety and the ability to be vehicles of Jesus’ grace and tremendous authority.

Keith Allen

Spirit and Life!


We competently minister the gospel of the Kingdom when we live a new covenant, new creation life. This is as simple as Christ our life being our life. The ministry of a son is strikingly different to the ministry of a worker, labouring in effort rather than in the spirit of sonship. I groan within when sincere friends speak out a sermon that is devoid of spirit and life. I shudder when I see Believers minister clothed in an atmosphere of death of which they are entirely unaware. Unaware because they assume that the religion they were raised in is the gospel of the Kingdom when it is a dilution of the power of God or just a cunningly devised fable. Truth can be denied aggressively or through passivity or naivety.

I am often appalled that people deny climate change and attempt to attribute it to some cause other than the human race. Kind of like ‘The dog ate my homework ..’ Appalled too when Christian friends try to pass it off as a one world government conspiracy, a green fetish, a socialist fraud or a punishment God is doing to naughty humanity. Many of God’s ‘judgments’ are simply the result of living as if He is not real. Prosperity doctrine has its subtle form. It involves talk of heaven and living as if the world is the only reality.

It’s easy enough to talk church and live the world. If we believe, with the world that happiness and security is had in possessing things, then it should come as no surprise that humanity is sucking the life out of the earth. Could it be that it is all too easy to wave one’s hands about in praise and worship and consider ourselves ‘worshipers’ and then go home to immerse ourselves in the world system that God calls Babylon and live as though ‘consuming’ has no effect on the creation and our responsibility to sustain it. Sure, I know we all have to make a living. But the Kingdom starts as a speck and grows to fill the entire earth. Maybe we need to consider that what we have is churchiness and not at all Jesus the King and His Kingdom. We may need to remember that we are representatives of the new creation and stop divesting ourselves of responsibility and stewardship of the earth with our notions of rapture and second coming. When Christ is our life we become His new creation Kingdom in the world. When Jesus comes He will not be coming to commend those who have buried His kingdom in the ground.

‘Then the man who had received one bag of gold came. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘I knew that you are a hard man, harvesting where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed’ Matt 25.24 NIV.

Sometimes I wonder if people have any knowledge of history or understand what has happened to earth’s atmosphere as a result of  the Industrial Revolution that  spread around the world from 1785 onwards. Not everyone does history at school these days. Maybe they should. Believers need to know that climate science relies on evidence far more substantial than the assumptions of evolution. A friend once imposed on me the observation that those who warn about global warning were some kind of nutter. Really? Remember those who refused to listen to Noah? The word that comes to mind when I am confronted by that kind of talk is “stupid.”

They will say, “Where is this ‘coming’ he promised? Ever since our ancestors died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation’ 2 Pater 3.4 NIV.

I honour wisdom. So does the Bible and so does God. Jesus warned us not to despise others and not to be among the foolish who are unable to perceive the signs of the age.

Solomon contrasts wisdom with foolishness and laments the disposition of folks who engage in self-important talk that verges on verbal bullying. Thoughtfulness grows from humility and the ability to listen leads to wisdom.

I had a mum who had no tertiary education. Yet she had above average intelligence and powers of perception. She did well for someone raised under the law and the religion of a lesser Christ. She did not talk incessantly but when she did she had something to say. What she said was usually correct. Mum was not one of those women who voiced their opinion on everything and talked because she could. She was not a bigot. She evaluated things carefully and had a flexible mind. Mum changed her mind on aspects of theology on which she had been misguided for years, quite late in life. She had an excellent sense of humour and laughed a lot. She did well for a woman formed in the womb of Victorian attitudes and fundamentalism.

Mum was not a bone-headed matriarch with rusted on ideas that expressed itself as a fear of change. As I said, mum was able to embrace new ideas and theological view points quite late in life. Particularly courageous are they who can abandon a life time of belief that has been demonstrated to be untrue. But parlous is the position of all who refuse to accept the new just because it contradicts what is part of them. Better to lose a false identity that lose your ability to manifest the life of Jesus with authority.

When our identity is in Christ we live in security. But an identity built on  a perspective or a version of truth that defines who we are in ourselves and our community rather than who we are in Christ will hinder our development. It stunts us because we deny the truth of who we are in Christ in favour of a religious fantasy about ourselves. This is the folly of ‘other gospels.’

They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things [ themselves and their teachings] rather than the Creator–who is forever praised Amen’ Rom 1.25 NIV.

There is spirit and life that grows exponentially. Then there is a light that is really darkness. It is characterised by good beginnings and feeble endings. There comes a time when we need to confront the possibility that the elephant in the rooms is our own religion – a kind of religion that is out of alignment with new covenant life and what God has already done for us in Christ. The beauty of repentance is that it is a door to a fresh start, to fullness in Jesus and our inheritance of authority and fruitfulness as sons of God.

Those who live in denial of the truth spend a huge amount of energy maintaining their beliefs as though they are the truth. They become particularly inventive because they have to. Truth has a way of continually  revealing itself so as to undermine their error. In the spiritual sphere they are assisted in this project by the father of lies. He has a door to their lives because they preferred there own gospel rather than the gospel of the Kingdom.

“He has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts, so they can neither see with their eyes, nor understand with their hearts, nor turn–and I would heal them”John 12.40 NIV.

Conservatism has never appealed to me. I have seen it resist new life in the world and in the church. Someone on my radio recently equated conservatism with greed and a compulsive clinging to what one has. Personally I believe its cause is found in self interest, fear of losing what one has and losing a measure of control. And also in lazy thinking. It should not surprise us that compulsive hoarders can be obstinately conservative. We need to ask ourselves if we are hoarding religious detritus.

When Christ is our life we have no need to hoard religious junk. Nor do we need to live from dimensions of right or left. By living in God we live in life. However, only when Christ is our life are we alive in God. With our being transfused by the Spirit of Jesus we are sons of God in spirit and in truth. This is not so if we have a generalised god or have made a jesus out of our pet ideas or bad theology. To live as sons in spirit and in truth is to be joined to our Father and one with our Father to the extent that we can say, ‘I and my father are one.’ This is not some ‘try harder deal.’  It’s your inheritance already in Christ. This is how we release spirit and life into our situations.

The Kingdom is not about liberalism or conservatism. It is about life and it is life. This life is in His Son and this Son of God is in you.

Jesus cannot be made to fit into a right or left wing position. For Jesus positions were valid and true when they gave life. Invalid and sinful when they ministered death. Things grounded in God are life-giving. Things defined by the knowledge of good and evil are iniquitous. They come from a self cantered view point, from tradition or just plain ignorance. This is the Adamic life from which all have been delivered. Stop living in what is dead!

‘For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do’ Eph 2.10 NIV.

Life and life-giving action can only be defined accurately when Christ is our life and we are participating in a Father-centric universe. When Christ is our life, we have the security, comfort, safety and love that is ours from our position in Fathers Heart. Here there is no need to create a pseudo fatherhood from the status quo and our position in society. Our security comes from another source who is alive, sympathetic and intent on letting us know that we belong – that we belong in the trinity which is the family of God.

Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them’ John 14.23 NIV.

When we are secure in Father; when we know that we are sons; when we are confident in who we are because we have a personal Jesus and a secure identity, we need not cling to what we have. We are liberated from a life-long need to hang on to our stuff. We do not have to impose our ideas. We need not ensure that our opinion is the only one that is heard in the room. We can enquire as to others views and position ourselves to learn in humility rather than be a representative of rusted on views and the power of iniquity. When Christ is alive in us we are alive. We have a history in God before the world began. We are part of the community of witnesses in the heavens. We have a daily adventure with the Ancient of Days who is new every morning. We have an infinite and eternal life courtesy of Jesus. We are daughters and sons of our Father. As such we are multipliers of His life.

Christ Your Life

If you are content in a routine churched – religious life, what I have to say in these blogs and the Isaiah 61 websites will be of no interest to you. But it will if you have a passion for Jesus, and desire to see Him multiplied in the human race as the new creation. The latter will never be birthed by the institutional church- but it will come through those whose idol is not institutionalism but the person of Jesus as their life. Nevertheless I do seek to awaken the inmates of the letter from the coma that the the Sorcerer had inveigled them in. There are always those looking for light and life in a dry place. This life is as close as your heart saying, ‘I want to know you for myself as who you are.’

Life for you will not be found in following me. There are enough sorcerers apprentices already offering the anaesthesia of religion to the consumers of religion – those either to innocent or too lazy to seek their salvation with fear and trembling. The mentoring of Jesus is the inheritance of all who believe, as is the authority of His life and His relationship with His Father-which is now your relationship. This relationship is as close as the expression of your heart to know Him.

Thankfully knowing Jesus is not the same as knowing religion. God is not religious. To see God is to see Jesus. Your spirit sees Him and knows Him. Seeing Jesus, you see our Father. Seeing Jesus you see who you are and who you are becoming. Christ in you will never make you a clone of anyone else. In I AM you will always be who you are and you will fulfil your reason for being.

The church Jesus builds comes out of Himself as Eve came out of Adam. Jesus is the alpha and omega in that we came out of Christ in creation. We have also come out of Him by redemption. Our being born again is the new creation in action. We are continually being drawn into the omega fullness of Christ in regard to our identity and purpose. All are sons. All are the Bride. But we are all part of Christ in different ways. As the church we complete Jesus. This is to say we present His fullness to each other and the world. But this cannot happens as consuming clones of an institution. It happens as we eat Jesus, as He becomes our life individually and together.

Some of us are not competent as ministers of the new covenant because we remain in the old. Not only are our efforts without anointing. They are surrounded by a cloud of death. This atmosphere exists despite our sincerity and because of our attachment to wrong perspectives and even other gospels – gospels that are idols and which need to be repented of.

The religious always offer a religious rationalisation for the death that is their life. Religion has a way of sanctifying nothingness, fruitlessness, vain repetition and boredom. It can suggest seemingly good reasons for the promotion of death as life. But it’s motivating spirit is anti-Christ.

You will not grow as a Church of religious clones of churchism or celebrity.  But you and those for whom Jesus is life will multiply in a rich unity and diversity when we draw all of our life from Jesus. He is not the footnote to our activity. He is our existence and our life. This is how we multiply spirit and life. Christ in you is the hope and present reality of the visible glory of God.


Christ in you

This is how you can recognise the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God 1 John 4. 3 NIV

A demon manifested in a girl at a  Christian school at which my daughter was a student. One or two knew it for what it was. Most ignored it and one did her best to deny it with a psychological rationalisation of the occurrence. I knew the latter lady reasonably well. She had a pathological resistance to the things of the spirit having made a religion for herself from the things of the head. The ‘head’ version of reality gives the illusion of control over our environment while denying us the power to perceive the puppeteers behind the façade.

I am not of the ‘demon made me do it’ school. However one cannot have a biblical or kingdom experience of life if one lives from a materialist- rationalist mind-set that denies the presence and authority of Jesus through the supernatural and the reality of demons that He cast out. Jesus ministry was not about demonology, but it was about life, love, authority and power. Disciples are instructed to heal the sick and cast out demons as multipliers of Jesus in their domain.

Demons are as real as we are and there is reason to believe that at least some of the problems presenting as psychological disorders are demonically exacerbated. If it is true that the test of Kingdom life is ‘Christ come in our flesh’ then it is more than probable that the Enemy attempts a similar strategy. This is why Paul says ‘We fight not against flesh and blood.’ This being so I am saying that people can be oppressed by demons, as with the school girl cited above and that all of us can be subject to the influence of demonic plots and ploys directed to dull, twist and annul the life and authority that is ours when Christ is our life. A key ploy is for the Enemy to con once many that Christ our life is Christ assisting us to live from the law, from religion and from shadows rather than the reality that is Christ.

Personally I have seen demons manifest in Believers living a sub-christian life. I have heard a demon speaking through a Believer,  resist the supremacy of Jesus when this was declared through a pastor. I have witnessed the confusion and inability of a person  to understand the foundational truth of life in the Spirit leaving them captive to a performance orientation that annuals spirit and life in all they do. But as a teacher remarked at  conference recently, the major area of demonic influence in the church is not ‘possession.’ It is false doctrine and the vitiating culture that flows from this. In the church at large we have almost universal ignorance of the new covenant. We have a Christian Industry based on old covenant assumptions and a lot of the church speaking new covenant while living old in its polity.

For many Christians church is the real and Jesus is the shadow. The illusion that cripples us that the church is assumed to be the manifestation of Jesus when it is mostly only the manifestation of itself and the consumers of religion. The church and kingdom grow when Jesus is our life and we are the manifestation of His presence where we are. The fact that so many live in ignorance or denial of the new covenant and the flesh come in the flesh rather than Christ incarnated in our being is evidence of a cultural demonic oppression from which many need to be set free.

And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.1 John 4.3 KJV.

Some denominations live in a faith that acknowledges Jesus while annulling all that He has done. Here  is a perverted theology and a dimmed chlritology to support it, while Believers conscientiously believe they are living in a superior revelation of truth. Actually they are living in what Jesus describes as a tare.

We are living at a time when takes are being allowed to wither. A time will come when they will be uprooted. We need to recognise the hour of our visitation. In this our the extravagant love of our Father and our position of comfort and security in Him is being revealed. The Gospel of the Kingdom where Christ Himself is our life, rather than institutions and celebrities as a proxy Christ is being preached. The power of the incarnation – of Christ alive in our flesh and His manifestation in us as the church, kingdom and new creation is the present revelation. The meaning of the words ‘in spirit and in truth are being revealed for what they are. Not us living in religion and the anaesthesia of institutionalism but as Jesus Himself manifest as Bob and Joe and the church built without human hands.


Christ Come in the flesh of His People


The life of God comes into you by Holy Spirit. In the Spirit Jesus is in us  and we are in Him. In this new and living way, we have union with God and He has us. He has us as His own relationally and in real time by the Spirit. This is the new and living way of life in the Spirit of Jesus. In fact it is the only way of being really alive and experiencing transformation.

Having said this, transformation is not the chief pre-occupation  of Father in regard to you. It is to re create you into who you really are: a son of God. Jesus is less interested in making you a not sinner and fully committed to your blossoming as a Son. Your nobility of personhood flows from your state of being as a son of God. So does your holiness.The issue of the ages has never been the law or sin. One who lives to avoid sin is quite a different person to one who lives from life. The issue is the truth of the loving Fatherliness of God and the real nature of we humans as His Sons.

There are people whose personality and uniqueness is withered by religion – particularly when the main purpose of this religious effort is  to gain acceptance and self-worth. The dullest in Kingdom understanding and spiritual discernment are those who are tied to the law and absorbed in building their self-worth by self effort. The most astute and life-giving are those who are sons who live in the Son. Christ is their life. They are spiritually alive and ignited because they are one with God who lives in absolute life.

Life in the Spirit is the life of the Kingdom flowing from Father into you. We cannot build the life of the Spirit on a basis in law. This cannot happen and will not happen because spirit and life flows from Father, through Jesus and Holy Spirit into you. There is a pall of death and spiritual blindness around us when we are tied to the law with its addiction to right doing, right things and right belief. A pall of death surrounds us if we are tied to the law in any way. To be attached to any element of law is to be all law and all dead in spirit and to the life of God.

It is a tragedy to see sincere Believers, earnest plodders, trudging in old covenant mind-sets unaware of their incapacity and oblivious of the treasure in the field that belongs to them but has never been possessed. Norm is a good man. But Norm (not his real name) does not perceive the presence or absence of the Spirit. Norm cannot see even though he espouses spiritual gifts because he lives a pre-cross life in which we are sons of Adam rather than sons of God in spirit and in truth. Norm still lives in the shadows rather than the reality.

To live from anything not  Jesus shrinks our being, blinds our eyes and traps us In good works, religion and empty motions. Observation has shown me that the old covenant, law Believer  is trapped in impotent actions and lifeless words, even when working for God in sincerity. Grace is a series of doors leading to ever increasing alignment with Father. Grace is the person of Jesus leading you into a fuller revelation of Father and a knowledge of who you are in Jesus.

Life in the Spirit is a state of Kingdom being among the church Jesus builds. The insitutionalism church often relies on tithing and structure because as an institution it is a creature of the law, letter and old covenant. In this age you are one with God and He is one with you. He is entirely yours and you are totally His. There is no compartmentalisation in this age. Christ is your life, your whole life in time and space. Life on the Spirit is never about days and times. It is your life in the Son of God as a son.

Much of the institutional church is legalism manifest as community. But the church Jesus builds is Jesus manifest as us. This is a radical life which is real life in the Spirit.

Jesus can release His life through people with imperfect authority. But the purpose of grace is not to leave you as a cripple with one arm when you have two. With an old covenant mind-set in the new covenant age, we are incapacitated and not competent to minister the Kingdom of God. But any one for whom Jesus is life lives in the spirit of sonship, is a representative of our Father and the manifest presence of His Son on earth.

Contrary to popular thought, it is not Bible study that Improves our Godliness. It is Christ in you, releasing His life into your being. The life of the trinity and of heaven comes to earth when Christ is your life. The genius of the new creation is that it is the multiplication of Jesus as a new society – through you.


New and Living Way

If we are living from a belief system, a system of morality, the Ten Commandments or an old covenant mind-set, we are not doing it on behalf of God. He is not behind this and you are not serving Him in obedience by dong it. 

But you are careless of what He has accomplished for you. 

In seeking strength and goodness in the law, we are  opposing Him- opposing what He has done for us in Christ and denying His new and living way of life in the Spirit of Sonship. I write this because there are people who go to conferences, ostensibly about the Holy Spirit, who are looking for a life in the Spirit that is contained in the old, apparent certainties of the law. But this can never be the way to Godliness since the cross, resurrection and Pentecost. Now the one and only way is Christ in us and Christ as us by the Spirit of sonship. 

Godliness is about life and this life is in His Son.

Godliness is not about an attachment  to current issues such as abortion or opposition to homosexuality. The kingdom is firstly about Christ in us and secondly about His pure and just life as our life. Morality is not the  gospel of the Kingdom. But Christ your life is. Morality as God is the knowledge of good and evil, which is contradictory and has quite another master and is associated always with the law of sin and death. It disturbs me that anti- abortionists can be so zealous for their cause. Yet many also support the death penalty and are fixated on their right to carry guns. There are Christians who are quite pleased with Donald Trump. This says a lot about why we are not saved by Christianity but by Jesus. People who insist on wandering about with a gun on their person are more similar to Islam than they realize.

I am not sympathetic to homosexuality or abortion, violence or crime. Sin is ugly, degrading, murderous and anti-people. Yet God’s preoccupation is not sin. It is fullness of life from His Son alive in you. Do not allow yourselves to create absolutes out of morals. There is one absolute and this is Christ alive in the heart of the Believer.

You have no right to insist that a raped woman carry the baby of her abuser. This is between God and the abused- and you are not God. Maybe you need to smarten up on your understanding of the new covenant, grace and the meaning of there is one mediator between God and man – Jesus Christ. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. But there is acceptance, love and a transformed life when He is our life. A moral crusade is not the gospel of the kingdom. The law is not the new and living way. To do what God is doing now, we need to be living in the new covenant regime He introduced at the cross.



Christian cults have been built around figures that claim to speak for God. At first sight a cult leader may appear similar to an apostle. The latter speak on behalf of Jesus as representatives of the Living and written word. A genuine apostle is who he/she is not because of position but because they are sons of God and therefore fathers in the church. The difference between an apostle and a cult leader is that the former represents the gospel of the Kingdom and the apostles teaching. Cult figures promote another gospel that usually negates the new covenant, undoes the authority and centrality of Jesus and adds or subtracts from the simplicity of the new creation, which is Christ our life.

In addition a cult leader will often assume the prerogatives of Christ, ether Interposing themselves as a mediator between the people and God, becoming the lens through which scripture is interpreted and the mouthpiece of deviant teaching based on revelation peculiar to the ‘prophet.’ 

Some, such as Ellen White produce an entire theology/cosmology into which their followers become socialized. Acculturated to such an extent the teachings become the epistemological framework through which all Things God and the Believer are interpreted. One of the most pernicious effects of this phenomenon is the illusion that scripture supports the deviant teachings of the cult leader. The evil that is perpetrated is diabolical in that Believers think adherence to this “faith” is loyalty to God. Sadly they have forsaken the truth of God for a lie.

But the lie is called “present truth” and hawked around the land as an improvement on classical Christianity when it is actually a cunningly devised fable that robs people of security in Christ, promotes fear, makes a phobia of the second coming, robs the Believer of fellowship with Jesus at death, while proposing an alternative marinated in fear and a scriptures wrested from their context and proper meaning. It is significant that this gospel of fear and dread is obsessed with the hazard of “being deceived.” This both frightens the Believer out of questioning the dogmas and reveals the source of the supposed revelation – the doctrine of demons.

The manipulation of scripture is so perverse that the pleasures that are  normal for others in the Body are denied to followers and their religion of the head. A law centric gospel products Believers dull in spirit and mental acuity. I ask readers not to deny these fact out of support for fellow promoters of the Christian Industry. You have a loyalty greater than this and a responsibility to co-labour with Jesus to set captives free,

I have friends who have come into the Spirit and who experience some of the gifts. But their growth is stultified by fear and false doctrine that disfigures their Christ and cripples themselves. The Kingdom of God cannot take root in this teaching.

While not strictly a  cult there is enough that is cultish about the denomination that is the cultural expression of Ellen White to alert followers of Jesus that this is not a gospel of Jesus grace and truth. Adherents are commonly filled with the dread of being deceived whenever confronted with the simple truths of the gospel of Kingdom. The power of Christ our life is often deemed too good to be true. The love of Father and His essence of love is can be seen as not strict or mean enough –  because the essence of God is deemed to be the Chief Law monger of the universe. Ellen White made a good job of deifying the law,  imagining a Jesus who is inferior to the law and the means of obedience to it. But Jesus lived from His Father and lives so that we can live from Him. Jesus is our life forensically and holistically. He is all and in all. All of us need to embrace the new covenant reality of Christ our life and abandon the lesser gospels of religiosity, performance orientation and try harderism. The. Essence of our gospel is Christ come in our flesh.

The gospel of the kingdom is not law with a grace touch. Such grace is more than a bandaid over Moses. The grace is Christ Himself. Christ as a man joining us to Father. Christ our righteousness and our life. Jesus multiplied as His people.


Haystack Christianity


Once a haystack fell on Farmer Ben. All that could be seen of him was one gumboot that protruded from the tumbled hay like a legacy of his fuller self.

This is a parable of the Believer living from Christs stuff instead of Jesus Himself.

Farmer Ben is almost suffocated. His mouth is full of hay. He is pretty much immobilized and half the life is squashed out of him. The extent that Jesus is real and potent in his life is equivalent to the foot that protrudes from the stack.

The might of God is profoundly personal. He connects to us through Himself. And in the persons of His Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus is sufficient for all of life and all people. He lives in all who will have Him, He draws us into Himself and to each other. Personal healing and re-alignment with God is achieved by His presence and grace. This healing and transformation is ours not by prayer and Bible study, application of Bible principle or by will power but by agreeing with God that Jesus is our life.

Churches would be more robust than they are if all of us made Jesus our life rather than a life out of church. Ministry and service are not our life any more than a water melon is a person. All life that is real, fulsome and eternal comes from the trinity alive and active in our being. This is the kind of salvation that we need to embrace with fear and trembling. Fear as in letting no one take it from our grasp by religious salesmanship and trembling as in being filled with joy at the extent of the presence of God alive and active in and among us.

Jesus is either our life or a footnote to our life. Living in the Spirit we are one with God. His life is our life and we are one. With an old covenant mindset we live apart and separate. Here He becomes a footnote to our project of securing through performance, law or institutionalism the glory of what we already have – Christ in us. Church, no matter how thriving or cutting edge is a poor substitute for Christ in you and has no hope of ever being CHRIST AS YOU. Churchism sells us out to a lesser Christ with Jesus as a footnote. But the reality is Christ.


Renovating The Self


Saw this on Facebook today. It contains some truth and a lot of error.

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Firstly the error. It’s in the “ourselves” bit. We are incapable of rejuvenating ourselves in any deep way. Sure, we can make superficial changes. But not the kind that comes under the heading of transformation. And not the kind of transformation that qualifies as the new birth. In any case the new birth is not a one off thing. It is the we creation that begins when we receive Christ as our life. This is the beginning. But only the beginning. Real progress is made by those who declare to the Lord and ourselves that we are not about to retain any idea about God, ourselves or the community of Believers that is not in sync with the I AM OF GOD and His achievements for us in Jesus. This is to say that we, as a living sacrifice, will lay ourselves and  all our beliefs about God and the universe down to take up His views about Himself and our relationship to each other. This is the Gospel of The Kingdom. Any gospel other than this is “another gospel” that denuded our lives of power and leaves us under a curse.

Secondly we need to live in constant renewal. I have seen people harden and decay, not because they are bad but because they have never considered that the elephant in their room is their own denominational beliefs.

The renewal of our mind implies the rejection of ideas out of sync with Fathers plans for you and the adventure of moving ever deeper into the union with the Holy Family that is already ours. The new and living way of constant revelation and regeneration occurs because Christ is our life; because His Spirit is incarnate in us and His power of resurrection is active in our hearts and minds. The point is that we need to live in constant renewal. And this renewal occurs as we rest in and embrace the living presence of Jesus AS OUR LIFE.

Divest yourself of the ‘Try harder Gospel.’ It is a counterfeit of the real and a ploy of the Enemy to castrate the church and fill it with drones who live in personal rejection and condemnation of others. They are not trying to do this because they are innately mean. They cannot help it because the attempt to be godly has the opposite effect.

The call to ‘Always change’ is a an encouragement to the constantly developing believer alive in the Spirit of Sonship and a call to repentance to the dormant Believer who lives in his own inadequate ideas or the distortions of religion and a false gospel. Some things in church culture, like the try harder gospel are doctrines of demons. Some gospels like those that began the United States in the 19th century spawn a religious culture that needs to be examined, rejected and repented of. Distorted doctrine produces a distorted Christ and crippled people. Bad theology dims the power of the Resurrection because error  is anti-life and anti-God. A mass of false doctrine is to the individual and the Body what cancer us to the physical body. It fills a space with lifeless tissue. It is instigated by the spirit of anti-Christ.