Life Himself

Jesus declared Himself to be life itself.John and Paul asserted that Jesus is the logic of existence and the One in whom it all holds together.Jesus rose from the dead as the first born and genesis of life to all humans and all things. Out of His loins, so to speak springs the new creation.

So why are we pretty much living in chaos? Because human beings have seldom lived out of Jesus. Sure, many have attempted to live from His things. Insitutionalism is a representation of Jesus. But it is not Him. It’s the religious  action of us. The refusal by the church and the world to receive Jesus as their life and their king is the equivalent of the refusal to cast the ring of carnal power into the fires of Mt Doom.

Christ is either our live or we are. Individually or as the church. The manifestation of Himself in His people is the church Jesus builds. The gospel of the Kingdom is never the result of the fruit of externalities. It is the living fruit of Christ in you.

Let’s not be those who talk the Kingdom and live the world system. Don’t be among those who talk Second Coming and accumulate security from the world. Or live out the gospel of “God helps those who help themselves.” There is a kind of security in this. But not one that takes us into the next life or that gives us peace in this life. When Christ is our life we have peace in this life and imbue it with the life of Gods Son. Christ our life, stops our need to suck the life from others and makes us streams of living water. If we are serious about being life-givers we need to abandon Christian consumerism and eat Jesus. Then we will have real life in us and multiply spirit and life.