New Year New Life

There is only one thing more important than a new year – a new you. We can be new every morning. Each day can be an adventure in life because life lives in you. Even as our bodies fade, if you are a senior citizen like me, our mind and spirit are renewing because they are alive in The Living Resurrection Man – Jesus.

The key truth of Resurrection Life is that He is with you and in you. The excitement of this fact is that it is an infinite life bubbling up inside you and around you. To rest in this life, this person,  is worth more than any regime of prayer and Bible study. It is the life of Jesus becoming you every day. He is your life and you are His workmanship. Not that you are a project. You are a son.

You have been placed in our Father. You are forgiven before you ask for it. It is the security of our life in Him that defines us as sons, grows us into the image of our Father and reveals the uniqueness of your glory. You are not glorious because you did something or are known for something. You are glorious when you are uniquely the person you were born to be.

If the incarnation is the key landscape of this age, grace is the key climate. The weather of grace consists of opportunities and doors to believe and step into the radical reality that is Christ our life. Many Believers remain sallow and stunted in spirit because their life Gomes from the glass house of insitutionalism.But your real life is in a personal Jesus and a real Father. This makes you a son in spirit and in truth and you become the manifest presence of Christ where you are.