Prince not Peasant

Families have different cultures. Some comic, others peculiar and others rich and nurturing. The worst family cultures are judgmental. Gossip grows from secular soils of judgment and condemnation flourishes in law bound religion. Father never meant  us to live from the law,  precepts or anything that is not Him. We were made to flourish in relationship, deep rooted in the fellowship of the trinity.

We were made to live in God. In our sin He did not separate Himself from us. Father is not paralyzed by the presence of sin. He has always been able to enter our existence, sinners or not. I the crucifixion God e termed into the depths of our rebellion – the murder of The Christ and middle sin and death at its source.

It was our alienation from God that God undid. Our fear and the suspicion sown into us by the father of lies was undone by the at- one- ment of the cross. Today we have a radical privilege. This is to be the house of God.

Families… In one of these the thing that makes June’s day is to find a special. Getting a special is a family trait, a triumph over the adversity of surviving the scrum of shopping and a small step for mother kind in regard to the budget. Yet so ingrained is this obsession with specials that I am move to wonder why a middle class person with a more than adequate income should adopt attitudes that are frankly – like a peasant. This is living out of a scarcity mentality in a time of abundance.

Well there’s a lesson in this. It’s like living from the old covenant in the age of the new. It’s living like a spiritual pauper when you are a prince of the royal house. Try harder religion does not come from the Father of Love. It is mean, niggardly,fleshly and a lie. You are in Christ whether or not you believe it. In Father irrespective of your holiness and filled with Holy Spirit because He has been poured out on you.