The Folly of Selflessness



To be ourselves we need to live in Christ, in His person an Spirit. Hidden in Christ we are ourselves in the world. This is the paradox of being a living sacrifice. You get to be yourself.

Far from being the failure that religion might define us,we are more than saints and more than selfless religious parodies of Fathers sons. We are in spirit and in truth the expression on earth of our Father in heaven.

We can be selfless in the religious sense and become neutered. Or we can be zealous carnal Christians living an untransformed life. There is nothing as sad as a Believer without an identity and nothing as pathetic as a political Christian attempting to please every one by confronting no one. Don’t expect any spiritual discernment in such a mode or that you are a colleague of Christ. There is a reason why Jesus ended up on the cross. He stood for life!

The folly of the pursuit of selflessness is that the harder we try the more self absorbed we are. Only with Christ as our life are we released.

In the spirit of sonship we are alive in our identity and destiny. This is to say that we are who we are, we are doing what we are meant to be doing and are only doing what Father is doing. The latter comes less out of vision and prophecy and more from the spirit of sonship and your life lived in spirit and truth. It is essential for sonship to have Christ as our life. As a son you will not be a spineless ninny but you will demonstrate grace and truth. The main truth will be that you will be who you are – who you were born to be and redeemed to become. Wherever you are and in all you do you will multiply spirit and life.

The dignity and authority of the sons of God has seldom been lived on the earth. But it is about to be as sons emerge from the torpor of Western legalism, calcifying insitutionalism and Christian consumerism. At the present large numbers of Believers are congealed in religion and churchism. Many more are swirling about impotent in old covenant assumptions and thousands know nothing of their authority and life in the Holy Spirit.  

Francis Du Toit wrote recently on Facebook:

“May this brand new year surprise you with exciting new discoveries of the mystery of the ages unveiled in you!” This is none other than Jesus multiplied and at large in the earth through His people. It is the kingdoms of this world becoming the kingdom of our Christ.