To live in wisdom and revelation is to live as you are in Jesus and our Father. Full of Holy Spirit we do what Jesus is doing and multiply the life of the trinity on earth. Our main purpose for being is not to deploy some gift, but to manifest the life of the Son. He has facilitated us in this because sons are what we already are.

We need to live in the revelation of who Father is in Jesus, forsaking all impressions that come to us from sources other than Himself. The more we embrace our absorption into His person,the more we fellowship with the Holy Family, know Father and know ourselves and each other. You cannot afford to outsource you knowledge of God to others. Father has taken responsibility to reveal Himself to us through His Son. It is our responsibility to embrace the Gift of Heaven in Jesus and in union with Jesus receive the revelation of His Father.

It is a personal Jesus who forms you and a personal Jesus who recreates the world as He is revealed and manifest in His people. Your purpose is not to live a happy and prosperous life. It is to reveal Jesus and our Father to an unbelieving world. The sole purpose of the church is to be the manifestation of Christ who is your life.

Jeff Turner implies that whole cultures of  religion have proliferated out of slanders against Father and His nature. A mean and demanding Father image is not restricted to Islam. Such an image provides a perverse comfort to many a religious Believer. Should we be living from old covenant and law, our minds will turn to religion as surely as does the needle to the pole. Joe Maldonado once wrote a piece in a magazine on the importance of religion to religion. But Joe lived from the law, which meant that the externalities of religion were what he had come to think of as spirituality. But they are not. The life of the Kingdom is the spirit and life of Jesus incarnate in you.

People who live out of Jesus are different to folks who live from His stuff. People who rejoice in the new covenant rejoice in the Lord because in Jesus they are the accurate manifestation of themselves. They can, without presumption say, I AM WHO I AM BECAUSE I AM HAS SENT ME. They are not God. But they are Fathers sons in spirit and in truth. Joined to Father, one with Jesus and overflowing with spirit-life we multiply the heavenly family on earth. The life of the triune God in us. The community of heaven as us, the spirit through us transforms the material culture of the world and heaven comes to earth through you. This should prompt us to talk less of rapture and more of Christ come in our flesh to be multiplied in the world as the Kingdom of God.