Haystack Christianity


Once a haystack fell on Farmer Ben. All that could be seen of him was one gumboot that protruded from the tumbled hay like a legacy of his fuller self.

This is a parable of the Believer living from Christs stuff instead of Jesus Himself.

Farmer Ben is almost suffocated. His mouth is full of hay. He is pretty much immobilized and half the life is squashed out of him. The extent that Jesus is real and potent in his life is equivalent to the foot that protrudes from the stack.

The might of God is profoundly personal. He connects to us through Himself. And in the persons of His Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus is sufficient for all of life and all people. He lives in all who will have Him, He draws us into Himself and to each other. Personal healing and re-alignment with God is achieved by His presence and grace. This healing and transformation is ours not by prayer and Bible study, application of Bible principle or by will power but by agreeing with God that Jesus is our life.

Churches would be more robust than they are if all of us made Jesus our life rather than a life out of church. Ministry and service are not our life any more than a water melon is a person. All life that is real, fulsome and eternal comes from the trinity alive and active in our being. This is the kind of salvation that we need to embrace with fear and trembling. Fear as in letting no one take it from our grasp by religious salesmanship and trembling as in being filled with joy at the extent of the presence of God alive and active in and among us.

Jesus is either our life or a footnote to our life. Living in the Spirit we are one with God. His life is our life and we are one. With an old covenant mindset we live apart and separate. Here He becomes a footnote to our project of securing through performance, law or institutionalism the glory of what we already have – Christ in us. Church, no matter how thriving or cutting edge is a poor substitute for Christ in you and has no hope of ever being CHRIST AS YOU. Churchism sells us out to a lesser Christ with Jesus as a footnote. But the reality is Christ.


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