Renovating The Self


Saw this on Facebook today. It contains some truth and a lot of error.

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Firstly the error. It’s in the “ourselves” bit. We are incapable of rejuvenating ourselves in any deep way. Sure, we can make superficial changes. But not the kind that comes under the heading of transformation. And not the kind of transformation that qualifies as the new birth. In any case the new birth is not a one off thing. It is the we creation that begins when we receive Christ as our life. This is the beginning. But only the beginning. Real progress is made by those who declare to the Lord and ourselves that we are not about to retain any idea about God, ourselves or the community of Believers that is not in sync with the I AM OF GOD and His achievements for us in Jesus. This is to say that we, as a living sacrifice, will lay ourselves and  all our beliefs about God and the universe down to take up His views about Himself and our relationship to each other. This is the Gospel of The Kingdom. Any gospel other than this is “another gospel” that denuded our lives of power and leaves us under a curse.

Secondly we need to live in constant renewal. I have seen people harden and decay, not because they are bad but because they have never considered that the elephant in their room is their own denominational beliefs.

The renewal of our mind implies the rejection of ideas out of sync with Fathers plans for you and the adventure of moving ever deeper into the union with the Holy Family that is already ours. The new and living way of constant revelation and regeneration occurs because Christ is our life; because His Spirit is incarnate in us and His power of resurrection is active in our hearts and minds. The point is that we need to live in constant renewal. And this renewal occurs as we rest in and embrace the living presence of Jesus AS OUR LIFE.

Divest yourself of the ‘Try harder Gospel.’ It is a counterfeit of the real and a ploy of the Enemy to castrate the church and fill it with drones who live in personal rejection and condemnation of others. They are not trying to do this because they are innately mean. They cannot help it because the attempt to be godly has the opposite effect.

The call to ‘Always change’ is a an encouragement to the constantly developing believer alive in the Spirit of Sonship and a call to repentance to the dormant Believer who lives in his own inadequate ideas or the distortions of religion and a false gospel. Some things in church culture, like the try harder gospel are doctrines of demons. Some gospels like those that began the United States in the 19th century spawn a religious culture that needs to be examined, rejected and repented of. Distorted doctrine produces a distorted Christ and crippled people. Bad theology dims the power of the Resurrection because error  is anti-life and anti-God. A mass of false doctrine is to the individual and the Body what cancer us to the physical body. It fills a space with lifeless tissue. It is instigated by the spirit of anti-Christ.