New and Living Way

If we are living from a belief system, a system of morality, the Ten Commandments or an old covenant mind-set, we are not doing it on behalf of God. He is not behind this and you are not serving Him in obedience by dong it. 

But you are careless of what He has accomplished for you. 

In seeking strength and goodness in the law, we are  opposing Him- opposing what He has done for us in Christ and denying His new and living way of life in the Spirit of Sonship. I write this because there are people who go to conferences, ostensibly about the Holy Spirit, who are looking for a life in the Spirit that is contained in the old, apparent certainties of the law. But this can never be the way to Godliness since the cross, resurrection and Pentecost. Now the one and only way is Christ in us and Christ as us by the Spirit of sonship. 

Godliness is about life and this life is in His Son.

Godliness is not about an attachment  to current issues such as abortion or opposition to homosexuality. The kingdom is firstly about Christ in us and secondly about His pure and just life as our life. Morality is not the  gospel of the Kingdom. But Christ your life is. Morality as God is the knowledge of good and evil, which is contradictory and has quite another master and is associated always with the law of sin and death. It disturbs me that anti- abortionists can be so zealous for their cause. Yet many also support the death penalty and are fixated on their right to carry guns. There are Christians who are quite pleased with Donald Trump. This says a lot about why we are not saved by Christianity but by Jesus. People who insist on wandering about with a gun on their person are more similar to Islam than they realize.

I am not sympathetic to homosexuality or abortion, violence or crime. Sin is ugly, degrading, murderous and anti-people. Yet God’s preoccupation is not sin. It is fullness of life from His Son alive in you. Do not allow yourselves to create absolutes out of morals. There is one absolute and this is Christ alive in the heart of the Believer.

You have no right to insist that a raped woman carry the baby of her abuser. This is between God and the abused- and you are not God. Maybe you need to smarten up on your understanding of the new covenant, grace and the meaning of there is one mediator between God and man – Jesus Christ. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. But there is acceptance, love and a transformed life when He is our life. A moral crusade is not the gospel of the kingdom. The law is not the new and living way. To do what God is doing now, we need to be living in the new covenant regime He introduced at the cross.