Christ Come in the flesh of His People


The life of God comes into you by Holy Spirit. In the Spirit Jesus is in us  and we are in Him. In this new and living way, we have union with God and He has us. He has us as His own relationally and in real time by the Spirit. This is the new and living way of life in the Spirit of Jesus. In fact it is the only way of being really alive and experiencing transformation.

Having said this, transformation is not the chief pre-occupation  of Father in regard to you. It is to re create you into who you really are: a son of God. Jesus is less interested in making you a not sinner and fully committed to your blossoming as a Son. Your nobility of personhood flows from your state of being as a son of God. So does your holiness.The issue of the ages has never been the law or sin. One who lives to avoid sin is quite a different person to one who lives from life. The issue is the truth of the loving Fatherliness of God and the real nature of we humans as His Sons.

There are people whose personality and uniqueness is withered by religion – particularly when the main purpose of this religious effort is  to gain acceptance and self-worth. The dullest in Kingdom understanding and spiritual discernment are those who are tied to the law and absorbed in building their self-worth by self effort. The most astute and life-giving are those who are sons who live in the Son. Christ is their life. They are spiritually alive and ignited because they are one with God who lives in absolute life.

Life in the Spirit is the life of the Kingdom flowing from Father into you. We cannot build the life of the Spirit on a basis in law. This cannot happen and will not happen because spirit and life flows from Father, through Jesus and Holy Spirit into you. There is a pall of death and spiritual blindness around us when we are tied to the law with its addiction to right doing, right things and right belief. A pall of death surrounds us if we are tied to the law in any way. To be attached to any element of law is to be all law and all dead in spirit and to the life of God.

It is a tragedy to see sincere Believers, earnest plodders, trudging in old covenant mind-sets unaware of their incapacity and oblivious of the treasure in the field that belongs to them but has never been possessed. Norm is a good man. But Norm (not his real name) does not perceive the presence or absence of the Spirit. Norm cannot see even though he espouses spiritual gifts because he lives a pre-cross life in which we are sons of Adam rather than sons of God in spirit and in truth. Norm still lives in the shadows rather than the reality.

To live from anything not  Jesus shrinks our being, blinds our eyes and traps us In good works, religion and empty motions. Observation has shown me that the old covenant, law Believer  is trapped in impotent actions and lifeless words, even when working for God in sincerity. Grace is a series of doors leading to ever increasing alignment with Father. Grace is the person of Jesus leading you into a fuller revelation of Father and a knowledge of who you are in Jesus.

Life in the Spirit is a state of Kingdom being among the church Jesus builds. The insitutionalism church often relies on tithing and structure because as an institution it is a creature of the law, letter and old covenant. In this age you are one with God and He is one with you. He is entirely yours and you are totally His. There is no compartmentalisation in this age. Christ is your life, your whole life in time and space. Life on the Spirit is never about days and times. It is your life in the Son of God as a son.

Much of the institutional church is legalism manifest as community. But the church Jesus builds is Jesus manifest as us. This is a radical life which is real life in the Spirit.

Jesus can release His life through people with imperfect authority. But the purpose of grace is not to leave you as a cripple with one arm when you have two. With an old covenant mind-set in the new covenant age, we are incapacitated and not competent to minister the Kingdom of God. But any one for whom Jesus is life lives in the spirit of sonship, is a representative of our Father and the manifest presence of His Son on earth.

Contrary to popular thought, it is not Bible study that Improves our Godliness. It is Christ in you, releasing His life into your being. The life of the trinity and of heaven comes to earth when Christ is your life. The genius of the new creation is that it is the multiplication of Jesus as a new society – through you.