Christ Your Life

If you are content in a routine churched – religious life, what I have to say in these blogs and the Isaiah 61 websites will be of no interest to you. But it will if you have a passion for Jesus, and desire to see Him multiplied in the human race as the new creation. The latter will never be birthed by the institutional church- but it will come through those whose idol is not institutionalism but the person of Jesus as their life. Nevertheless I do seek to awaken the inmates of the letter from the coma that the the Sorcerer had inveigled them in. There are always those looking for light and life in a dry place. This life is as close as your heart saying, ‘I want to know you for myself as who you are.’

Life for you will not be found in following me. There are enough sorcerers apprentices already offering the anaesthesia of religion to the consumers of religion – those either to innocent or too lazy to seek their salvation with fear and trembling. The mentoring of Jesus is the inheritance of all who believe, as is the authority of His life and His relationship with His Father-which is now your relationship. This relationship is as close as the expression of your heart to know Him.

Thankfully knowing Jesus is not the same as knowing religion. God is not religious. To see God is to see Jesus. Your spirit sees Him and knows Him. Seeing Jesus, you see our Father. Seeing Jesus you see who you are and who you are becoming. Christ in you will never make you a clone of anyone else. In I AM you will always be who you are and you will fulfil your reason for being.

The church Jesus builds comes out of Himself as Eve came out of Adam. Jesus is the alpha and omega in that we came out of Christ in creation. We have also come out of Him by redemption. Our being born again is the new creation in action. We are continually being drawn into the omega fullness of Christ in regard to our identity and purpose. All are sons. All are the Bride. But we are all part of Christ in different ways. As the church we complete Jesus. This is to say we present His fullness to each other and the world. But this cannot happens as consuming clones of an institution. It happens as we eat Jesus, as He becomes our life individually and together.

Some of us are not competent as ministers of the new covenant because we remain in the old. Not only are our efforts without anointing. They are surrounded by a cloud of death. This atmosphere exists despite our sincerity and because of our attachment to wrong perspectives and even other gospels – gospels that are idols and which need to be repented of.

The religious always offer a religious rationalisation for the death that is their life. Religion has a way of sanctifying nothingness, fruitlessness, vain repetition and boredom. It can suggest seemingly good reasons for the promotion of death as life. But it’s motivating spirit is anti-Christ.

You will not grow as a Church of religious clones of churchism or celebrity.  But you and those for whom Jesus is life will multiply in a rich unity and diversity when we draw all of our life from Jesus. He is not the footnote to our activity. He is our existence and our life. This is how we multiply spirit and life. Christ in you is the hope and present reality of the visible glory of God.