Not with human hands

I need to say that I am an educated person. My parents blessed  me with the funds to do a degree in English and history. Later under my own choosing I did a degree in sociology and politics. In my forties with the encouragement of my wife I completed a masters degree at Monash university where I concentrated on religion in society. So I am not dismissive of ‘knowing.’ I do not enjoy the company of the willfully ignorant or the conversation of those who talk because they can. The latter can too often be found stifled by Christian myths of the kind associated with old covenant religion propagated as Christ in the new covenant age,

The spirit of life is not found in churches, citing of scripture references, bible studies or shouts of hallelujah. These may be adjuncts to his presence but they are not Him. All life comes from Jesus. Anything not Jesus is not life. Sprit-life is found in Jesus. Never in His stuff.

We must understand with our hearts that that the gospel of the kingdom is Christ our life totally and completely. This avoids whole families of Ishmael’s and kingdoms of churchman its that are not the Kingdom of God. Yet they suck up the life of the people in communities of religion rather than communities joined to Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Father did not send a church into the world. He planted His Son. Those drawn into Jesus became part of Jesus as His body. Being the body of Christ is not a connection to a widespread institution known as ‘the church.’ The church Jesus builds is Christ writ large as His people. Christ your life is His Kingdom in the world. This is the church Jesus builds, not with human hands but from the multiplication of Himself in you!

We are working with pastors of independent churches here in India. But they are not alive because they are small or independent. They glow be use Jesus has been planted, rather than the planting of an institution. Many of the leaders are ordinary folks who love Jesus and live from His life. As in Bible terms, churches are planted by finding individuals in whom is the presence of Jesus in spirit and I truth. No room for a notional Jesus here. We are talking of ordinary folks in whom is the Spirit of Jesus with His wisdom and revelation. These are smallish churches held in homes or small rooms. But a church is not a good church because it is small or large but because those it are jesus  multiplied where they are.

I get angry when people assume that a leader is a success because he has created a large church. The Kingdom of spirit-life has nothing to do with size and everything to do with Jesus. It’s possible to create large churches filled with religious consumers, made impotent by the need for a pastor to be a king. Huge churches filled with dormant Believers are tumors on the Body and should evoke despair and repentance rather than adulation.

 Yet in the age of Christ come in our flesh, we are kings and priests who minister His life by being ourselves in Christ.

All today are an apostolic people s representatives of our Father through Jesus. Those who are apostles are not so because they have a large Church or have assumed that title or because the non-discerning have labeled them as such. The Christian Industry homours its own.Many genuine apostles are unknown. They do not know they are apostles and certainly do not claim it. With Paul and Jesus they are content to be who they andare and multiply His life.

There is a church that Jesus builds and one that arises from the efforts of man.Only one represents the gospel of the Kingdom in spirit and truth. The latter is the alpha and omega, Christ writ large as His people. The discernment Jesus gives is not only the ability to discern spirits or the sources of illness and disease. It is the ability to differentiate between flesh and Kingdom. This competence come from our new covenant union with Father as daughters and sons. This makes us competent to minister Kingdom life.