The Dilemma

Several people are healed at all of our meetings. More people are healed here in India than we are used to in Melbourne. The basis of our message has been Christ in us and the multiplication of Jesus in the normal man and woman. This means multiplying what Jesus began.

Today I prayed for a lady with depression and saw the peace and joy of a real and present Jesus steal across her face and body.

Two of us teach the word of spiritual gifts and the power of the incarnation and Tom demonstrates the healing authority of Jesus. I have seen limbs extend to normal size and deaf ears gain the ability to hear. But not all are healed.

Today a totally deaf young woman came for prayer. She lost her hearing in an auto accident. Pray as we might we could not secure Jesus healing for her. This was neither her fault. Or ours. 

What counts is not our faith but Jesus faith. I grieve when people are not healed in our meetings because they can be left with the impression that there is something about them that is too hard for God. Not so. Not all are healed in this life. I do not have an answer for this. But when we pray for healing we need not say, ‘If it is thy will.’ It is always His will to heal. But what other intervening factors exist I do not know. What I do know is that more people get healed when we pray for healing than if we don’t.

People need to know that there is a real Jesu about. That He loves people and that He has authority to undo damage and replace it with wholeness. Argumentation will not do this. But demonstration will.Hey! There is the gospel of the kingdom. Then there is the form of godliness without power.