Not forms of Godliness

Conversed with an old  friend on Messenger yesterday. Miracles seen in an Indian village can be related to the world in an instant.

My friend has recently returned to  the Lord. But as is common, when we return after an absence of many years, we can pick up where we left of even though the wold has moved on. The Church as a whole has been returning to the fullness of Jesus and life in the spirit for some time. The gifts of the Spirit deployed are common across denominational lines; there are real apostles as well as wanna be’s,  increasingly Believers are living an apostolic life as daughters and sons of the King and the meaning of Christ come in our flesh as something more than Bible studies and church programs.

My friend wanted to know if the healings reported are real. I said they are as real as you and I. He then opined that God does not work today as He did in olden times. But He does. Any Believer today has more spiritual authority than did John the Baptist or any prophet of old. Because Christ lives in you. So let’s be done about being filled with the spirit of Elijah and let the Spirit of Christ manifest through us.

When I was a boy it was assumed by our church that the age of miracles was a over. This is entirely unbiblical and has been disproved by experience. Those who deny this have accommodated themselves to the experience of His absence and called this God. Sad. Some churches teach this as the doctrine of cessationism. It’s really a doctrine of demons.

We have a living Christ at large in our person and the church. We have a king and a kingdom. We have Godliness with power. Through Jesus all authority has been to each as sons of God. This is our inheritance.