To live in the Spirit is not to live in Spiritual gifts. It is to live as a son in Father as Jesus lived. Life in the Spirit is a new covenant reality that is a function of Christ our life. Fullness in Christ refers not to being full of the gifts of the Sprit. This fullness is a state of being. This is the state of being that sets us as sons, not notionally but in spirit and in truth. Disembodied gifts are the result of living an old covenant life in the new covenant age. Any tie or alliance with the law negates our sprit life in Christ and leaves us mentally separated from God. Our beliefs create our reality. This is why we deny error and uphold truth. We need to bring out reality into Christs reality to live in fullness of being and rise to the measure of who we really are in Christ.

The anointing, spiritual gifts and the power of the Spirit are never stand-alone items. They are part and parcel of our Fathers life and the expression of the Sprit of sonship in us. They will never flourish in fullness unless we are living in our new covenant union with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Gifts of the Spirit exercised apart  from old covenant assumptions is a non-sequitur and will ultimately fizzle. Law, old covenant, God-separated, pre-Christian life will never be soil that will grow the Kingdom of God. Rooted in law or performance or religiosity we will not grow the Kingdom even though we have some success with the gifts. Old covenant life and assumptions will leave us unhealed and outside the inheritance that is ours as sons of God. We may have some success but this is the success of a slave or worker still stifled in his spirit by the law. Sons of the slave woman cannot receive their inheritance in the spirit because they are still bound in the law. In addition the quality of the gifts will be impaired and prophecy will be spasmodic in accuracy.

An old covenant orientation inclines us to the notion that Jesus was who He was and did what He did because He was anointed by Holy Spirit. Not so. He was His Fathers Son. He lived in His Father to reveal His Father. Jesus authority came from the completeness of His life in Father. His Spirit anointing was the result and expression of this union.Jesus and Father were one. This is why He had the Spirit without limit. Not because He kept the law and got an anointing.

Life in the Spirit is not life in the baptism of Holy Spirit. But it is life in our Father in the Spirit of Sonship. The fullness of Christ is not everyone operating in the gifts. It is Holy Spirit making real our union with our Father. Jesus operated in authority and power as a man who was a son of God in spirit and in truth. He did what Adam had been meant to be as a son.

Jesus never lived from the law. He lived in and from His Father in complete oneness. Holy Spirit makes this oneness ours. The anointing and gifts are a function of this union. We become the expression of the Christ and our Father. This is so because Christ is our life – not law, religion or performance.

Anything sourced in old covenant assumptions will be febrile. It will bind a Believer in mediocrity and she will not be aware that she exhibits 2 out of 10 performance or that the anointing is absent or barely there. An old covenant mentality can in pack religion but never the Kingdom and its gospel of spirit and life. Old covenant addresses are typically long-winded, laboured and wordy. They are sourced in the letter. They lack spiritual insight and contain much religious pacing, because they do not arise from the stream of wisdom and revelatio that is the province of sons. These addresses are children of the law and as such are saturated with human assumptions and lifelessness. Strong on information they arise from the knowledge of good and evil and lack the sheer life that is Christ our life.

In contrast an address in the new covenant spirit of sonship is concise and often short. Delivered in the Spirit it is like the Tardis – bigger on the inside than the outside. Such words are spirit and life because there is a direct line from Father through you to the people.

Jesus was never a compilation of the gifts. He was much more than the sum total gifts that came from the spirit without limit. HE WAS TOTALLY Himself as the son of man and son of God. His life and Spirit came from His sonship.Similarly fullness in Christ individually or the church is related not to gifts but to our fullness as sons of our Father. Either He will be our life or we will be. With Jesus help. But only the former is the kingdom of God.