Less than Yourself



All genuine purpose and spirit-life comes from Father’s person and heart. This is the model Jesus gave us. All members of the trinity minister out of their mutual love and unity. The life of God comes out of the being of God. Jesus was always the Son of God. In coming among us he appeared as a human being as the Son of God and the Son of Man. To see Jesus is to see what a kingdom person is: one who lives from Father as a son.

Sons of God are sons of the free woman. Never of the slave woman. Thus to live in the latter is to live an old covenant life as a shadow of oneself and of a son. There is an obvious legalism and a more subtle and suffocating legalism that is almost invisible. This is the condition of living old covenant in the new. Some live in mixture. There are denominations that are entirely submerged in an old covenant imagination. This has the effect of castrating sons. The result is cliche ridden prayer and dismal discernment.

Jesus came from our Father. He lived from His being as the son of God and son of Adam.He was one with our Father and did what Father was doing because they were one. He was one with Holy Spirit – part of the trinity and one with it as God. When Jesus was baptised with the Spirit, Father confirmed what Jesus already was – the Son of God. Similarly Holy Spirit confirms our sonship to the effect that we are never orphans but sons. Now we are the sons of God. Spirit baptism is a baptism into our new covenant union with God.

But it is never a dowsing of Holy Spirit gifts on those who live in the law. Living from such q concept leaves us in the illusion that we are alive in the Spirit when are really Adam and ourselves.

Jesus did not need the gift of tongues to enhance His relationship with Father.. He lived from who he was. Not from the gifts or the anointing. His anointing was ancillary to his sonship. It was the confirmation of this sonship.  Some versions of Christianity attempt to utilise gifts of the Spirit while remaining firmly embedded in old covenant suppositions. The results are a dim representation of the Kingdom and fade out in the ventures they begin. This is like planting a tree with the polythene wrapping still around the roots. The Kingdom will not grows do the Spirit will go.

A friend describing this phenomenon said it was like freshly painting an old truck and expecting it to work as new.

Living an old covenant life in the new covenant age is symptomatic of powerlessness and religiosity. The old covenant imagination depicts us as separate from God. There is this dichotomy that expresses itself in words like ‘keeping close to Jesus.’ But we are in Jesus. Or the Believer may pray that Jesus help George to be patient and gracious. The under-lying assumption in the word ‘helped’ is that one must try ones best and rely on Jesus back-up. The fact is though that Jesus lives in us and is our help and our goodness. He is our patience and grace. People pray that Jesus might assist us with disembodied qualities because they believe there is a law, separate from Jesus. They are still linked to Moses and the words on stone. But the law of the Spirit of life is a person- the Jesus who lives in us and is our life in spirit and in truth.

The tiresome thing about religion is that it promotes something and nothing in the name of life. Information about what is right or what is better is not life unless it is in God and in union with Father. We are not in this One Spirit if we are attached to the old covenant because we remain in the separation of Adam. Christ is our life when we are joined to Him and rooted in our Father. We are not sons because we have Holy Spirit. We are sons because we have been planted in the trinity.

Religion produces cliched prayer, stereo-typed pronouncements and stagnation. Don’t expect the life of God to be a geyser of living water in you if your inclination is to excuse the status quo and rationalize your embedded unsound doctrine because of some religious identity you are clinging to. You will be a dry water hole. The perceptive will know but not you.

Don’t expect to multiply kingdom life and gospel by bolting a Holy Spirit mentality onto old covenant supposition.

Old covenant is the soil of religion with its blurred vision, religiosity and feeble spirit life. Jesus was authoritative and life-giving because he was rooted in our Father. Not because He had the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit and His anointing was the sign and reality of His union with God. It is so with us. We cannot live in the Spirit of Sonship even with Holy Spirit with old covenant castration. Jesus came out of the wilderness full of Holy Spirit because He had asserted His identity as Gods Son. Our life in the power of the Spirit is grounded in our union with God, our sonship and Christ our life. When Christ is our life we are one with Father. We are sons. But in law and old covenant we are not. We have chosen to be less than ourselves and we are. But we are competent to minister spirit and life when we and Father are one