I didn’t always believe in healing. I thought I had good reason not to. My Father died of cancer when I was five. This left me more bitter  than I realized. By the time I was twenty I was what a lecturer called‘ a born cynic.’ Except cynics were not born. Just deeply hurt.

So I  did not have a high view of God. For what he had not done. And because I was raised in a home where the law was held to be the Centre of the universe and the seventh-day Sabbath the evidence that you are keeping it. You can’t keep the law of course. No one can but Sabbath observance gives you the illusion that you are and to that extent it is a false Christ. So we had this Sabbath hanging round our necks like a dead albatross, a God and Jesus who was under the law – he had to be because he lived to support it, so Sister White would have it. Jesus did what He did to support the Sabbath we were told in D of A. Note: this is quite a load of cods wallop. There is no Bible evidence for this at all. Jesus lived to reveal His Father and lived from his father. There was no law mongering about him. Had Jesus been a son of the law he could offer neither salvation or life. Thankfully Jesus was under nothing and He placed the law and Satan under his feet. This paves the way for all of us to live in His Spirit. This us where healing begins.

In any case we heard little about Jesus. There is a  book called Steps To Christ. It started off in brightness and hope in the possibilities of Christ, then took a downward path into performance and law. This pretend Christian teaching clothing death in the words of life was the bane of my childhood and the seed of my belief that if God was good He was not that good and was rather mean and demanding. If you wanted a good dose of austerity religion and a perverse gospel with all the good parts ripped out of it, then Adventism was the way to go. It is really a pseudo- Christianity that pays lip service to Christ and advocates salvation by Adventism.

Father is better than most Christians think and certainly much better than I was  used to thinking. Jesus is neither religious or austere. He is life and love Himself. To see Jesus  is to see our Father. The law is incapable of revealing Jesus. Only Jesus can reveal The Father and only Jesus can impart life. To live in the law is to be a fish in a goldfish bowl viewing the world through a distorted lens. To look through the Jesus lens is to be a son of God  and see in spirit and in truth.

The law cannot heal. I have seen deeply wounded people come into the Spirit and the gifts but remain emotionally diseased because they persisted in old covenant law-mongering. This separates from Jesus, denying the healing we so desperately need. It’s all or nothing with Jesus. You can’t retain an identity that you think gives you some status and security. You cannot hold onto your ideas and imagine that you will get the mind of Christ. There is no is home and revelation for you in the law- only blind siding to the truth that Christ plus nothing is your life. Or blindness to the fact that you imagine Christ is your life yet attempt to use Him to keep the law. There is a law but it is Jesus and not Moses,or the expectations of Christianity. He is the law of the Spirit of life which is a person through and through.

You are a most unwise person if you are led to believe that Adventism is an improvement on the gospel of the truth. It is a cunningly woven fable.

It amazes me that former lecturers and  several of my friends, all with doctorates have swallowed the perverse gospel of Adventism. Intelligence is no defence against false doctrine. The source of all that is right and true is the spirit of wisdom and revelation that is ours when Christ is our life rather than the old covenant or a religious identity, or an alternate gospel with a deviant cosmology. We can make of ourselves a good cripple in the old covenant mind-set but we cannot become sons in spirit and in truth, because we have not been healed and remain slaves,workers and hard of hearing. There is a reason old covenant ministries fade or just stumble on as something and nothing. Un-joined to Father we have no spirit or life. We speak information that is a river of sand and don’t even know that we are a sincere but boring hack and an obstruction to the new creation.

A colleague once remarked to me, ‘We are quite different people.’ And so we are, but the major difference in our being and out ministry had nothing to do with personality. It is entirely to do with being. She lived in the old covenant and I live in the new. The result of this is healing for the eyes and heart. In the old covenant we see trees moving. In the new we see things as they are.