We need to know that we are not living Christianity because we are not living a religion. The person of Jesus is living us. This is the meaning of Pauls words, ‘Christ your life.’ The spirit of Jesus as you; the person of Jesus as the church is a fire that will not be put out.

Our message in India has been that the real gospel of the Kingdom is Christ come in the flesh. Anything less than this is demonic in origin. Christ our life is our peace, personal holiness and authority to do His works. Because he is our life in spirit and in truth we are one with our Father. We do what He is  doing- naturally and without contrivance we are in the flow of the river of life that is personal and life-giving.

The Kingdom of God no longer advances from Sabbaths or temple. It expands from Christ in you. Old covenant living will dull your being in the same way that Hinduism has dulled a nation. Old covenant belief is more confused, more verbose, and innately religious- as compared to the clarity and power of  new covenant competence.The fact that God will grace us in our ignorance is no excuse to continue in a lesser life.

In the old covenant we may give a Bible study on the Spririt of Sonship. But we remain in the shadow of the reality. In the new covenant we are sons. We witness sonship in spirit and in truth. Strictly speaking, ‘now we are the sons of God’ is not our possssion in the old covenant mindset. We need the mind of Christ and his union with Father. But this is not ours in the law and in Adam.

The old covenant died when Jesus put Adam to death at the cross. The new covenant came into being when Jesus rose on Sunday. The age of separation, bifurcation, compartmentalizations has been over for more than 2000 years. Don’t live in what God did not mean to last and what He no longer endorses. Jesus Christ is all and in all. He, not your efforts, work for Him, church involvement- that pile of religious stuff that Paul calls rubbish and dung – Jesus is totally your life, makes you totally who you are meant to be and a vessel who carries the water of life.

The Kingdom of God realized  is Christ as us all. Christ our life is His kingdom in the world. You are in dwelt, empowered and endorsed to be Jesus multiplied where you are.