Acts of the Apostles

Some are apostles. All are meant to be apostolic in being and function. Jesus was the expression of our Father and represented Him as His Son. So to do we. If we are living in our new covenant spirit of sonship and union with Father in Jesus Christ.

We are competent to minister the Kingdom in new covenant mode. Here we are the multiplication of Jesus and representatives of our Father as sons. To be a son of Father is to be fitted as Fathers in the church Jesus builds. Fathers are simply people who are sons whether men or women.

Apostolic ministry is new covenant ministry. Grounded  in the person of Jesus it has no attachment to the law but is entirely rooted and  immersed in Jesus and the life of the trinity. As such apostolic ministry is personal, communal, authoritative and flowing with spirit and life.

Apostolic ministry knows no identity other than Jesus.

Jesus overflows with grace. One can minister spots and drips of His life clogged with old covenant assumptions. But not fullness. Due to grace we can do a modicum for God with sincere hearts even if our light has been dimmed by a truncated gospel. Jesus does minister from folks in spiritual wheel chairs. But His liberty is always found in the fullness of truth.

National or church culture is a reason for spiritual dullness. It is not an excuse. All have access to the torch and the sword.

As sons we are apostolic avenues of the personal life of Jesus. As servants and slaves we are limited and bound in mediocrity and religiosity. This is what Paul means about the slave woman and the free woman in Galatians. The sons of the former do not live in the inheritance that is theirs. They are  tied to the law by doctrine or to a try harder mentality by habit or the culture of institutionalism. The Christian Industry has a vested interest in dependency creation and consumer Christianity. Find community with the sons of God and live in what you already have- a secure place in Fathers heart and presence.

In old covenant mode Christ is not your life but the means to your life. In the new He is your life. He is you! Thus you are the expression of Him and the reality of His glory where you are. You see with the eyes of the living word who cuts through religious rationalisations and embedded obfuscation. You do not work in a fog. You have the light of life. You are not a dull instrument. You are sharp, powerful and alive. Because Christ, not the stuff, is your life.