Out of Your Being

1plungeFather is called Father because He is Father of creation, Father of the. Cosmos and Father of you and your Family. To be a son/ daughter is to be linked to the reason and purpose of the universe and at home in your real home that is Fathers heart.

The Son of God entered the world to fulfil Adam’s mandate to be fruitful and multiply, the sons of God as Seward of creation. The trinity is relentless in continuing the plan – to share what they have with sons.

The crux of the new creation is the revelation of Fathers fatherhood and the establishment of sons in their inheritance and identity as the sons of God in spirit and in truth. This has happened by rooting them not in a abstractions or formulations of the knowledge of good and evil, but in God Himself through Jesus.

Because we are hidden in Christ we are openly joined to God as sons.

This is the source of our sonship, spirit-life, authority and humanity. It is also the reason for and the source of our life ‘in the Spirit’ which is a description of our life as sons.

One cannot be tied to the law, old covenant or a religious identity and be a son of God in fullness. The spirit without limit comes from our life in Father as does the anointing and the gifts. Charismata cannot be reliable or sufficient to live in the Spirit, which is an abridged wording of the spirit of sonship. Holy Spirit will enlarge Christ and our Father. He will never foster a regime of law plus spirit or a mixture of flesh and God. At the least Jesus will not let such a union flourish. Alternatively he will root it out.

Life in churchianity, law or old covenant cannot grow the Kingdom. It does not take root in it. Only when Christ is our life are we competent to minister the kingdom of heaven Into earth and then with all authority and not as the scribes and teachers of the law. Not only does Jesus call us to examine ourselves. We are called to critique our basic assumptions. Some of us have lived our entire lives affixed to erroneous assumptions and theologies. When Christ lives In us we  are freed to live in the gospel of the Kingdom. All others are counterfeit and diminish our being, hinder our identity and smother our ability to be the free spirits we were recreated to be interwoven with the being of God.

We can take Bible studies, give sermons and teach from our being or from a part of our being. To speak and minister in the Spirit is to be entirely oneself hidden and one with the person of Father. We are in this state of being in Jesus – never in Adam, the law or the old covenant. Here we are fractured, separated from Father and from ourselves – no matter how sincere we may be, how much we love Jesus or Spirit-filled we may be. Many Spirit-filled people have a level of anointing but are not living in the Spirit. Nor are they one with Father and sons in the fullest sense. They adhere to a try harder gospel and live a substantially old covenant life – with Jesus help! As a result the water flowing from their being is a drip rather than a river.

Jesus said, ‘Out of your being will come ‘rivers of living water.’ There’s a lot in the word ‘being.’ It’s about our essence and nature. We need to know who we are and live in it. This is why Satan attempted to dislodge Jesus from His real identity as son of God. If he could have done this, the plan of salvation would have been compromised. If somehow Jesus could have been persuaded to live out of a vision that cast Him as less than who He was, the restoration of the sons of God would have been incapable of fulfilment.

It’s a fact that humans become who they think they are. This is why truth and vision are important enough to be fought for, to die for and to live from. The Kingdom of God is compromised when we live from less than who we are and when we adhere to an inferior gospel to the gospel of the Kingdom.

Living from a mis-informed identity smothers our being. This is why there is power in right believing and living from correct theology, also known as sound doctrine. To live from Jesus, from what God has done in Him and and to be aligned with this gospel in spirit and truth is to be kings under the King and priests of the new covenant. Unless we are so aligned, the identity of sons, the fullness of Christ and the power of the Kingdom to be the new creation is compromised. Drips of water come from our being because we have a limited being, a small stature and only scraps of the Kingdom of God. But when one with God in His gospel of the Kingdom, we have that being that is described as sons. Anything less and we are workers, slaves and people of limited being and limited Kingdom influence. Live from where you are – in Father and as son!