The genius of the new testament age is not the cross or the Holy Spirit. The plan is Jesus in you and Jesus as you. This is the meaning of Christ your life, as Paul spoke it.

The vicarious humanity of Christ means that Jesus is everything you need and desire to be towards God and all that you desire to be as yourself. Christ is entirely you ‘Godwards’ and completely God to you and for you. Jesus is much more than a door and a way. He is the generous extravagance of your belonging in the heavenly family. Jesus is your belief in God. He is your faith. He is your belief in Himself and our Father. It is because of Him you are relieved of the pressure to keep close to Jesus. In yourself this is an impossibility. In Him it is a fact. Because Jesus is your life; because He lives in you and because the trinity resides in you, Jesus is always with you. He is utterly and entirely representative of you and the church.

So what is your task? It is to live in His life and not your own. It is to rest in Him. It is to accept who He is and what He has done for you. Just be yourself in Christ. Step consciously into where you already are – in Christ. To be a ‘living sacrifice’ is not to become a non-entity, a door mat for others or a miserable person who goes about submitting to the arrogant or ignorant. It is to find that our carnality is dissolved in Jesus and find our misconceptions about God drop away. It is also to become who we are and advance into our true identity and purpose. Hidden in Christ your genuine inner man and inner woman will shine.

If we are Christian and our spirit is dead we have a poor concept of ourselves and we give a poor witness since we do not represent life to the full. A crippled spirit results from the attempt to live in a diminished Christ, a lesser gospel and old covenant mind-sets. The fullness of healing is found when we receive the fullness of Christ our our life.

Being a living sacrifice means abandoning yourself to Christ and allowing Him to totally be your life. This takes a bit of work if we have been raised in legalism or its cousin, churchianity. Jesus advocated Himself as life itself. Not only eternal life but the infinite life untouched by any form of un-life. His person in us does more than drive out sin. Jesus is not sin oriented. He is life oriented, which means that He fills you with spirit and life. Lack of spirit is the sign of a wounded and dying person. Many people are alive in body but dead in spirit. Spirit here is not some emotional category, although spirit does effect our emotions. Your spirit is the essential you. The Sandfords have written an excellent book entitled, Healing the Wounded Spirit.

‘And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you’ Rom 8.11 NIV.


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