New Covenant Joy

When Christ is your life!

Today I received news of an excellent new book on the new covenant. I write about the new covenant a lot – because I believe most Believers do not live in it and because it is the key to the kingdom of God realized through us. The new covenant is simply grace in action because Christ is our life. I’m talking about Jesus the Person as my life. Not only as my grace but as the expression of my true self through me. All of us came forth from the Son. We all have been redeemed by the Son, liberated from death to be alive in the sense that heaven is alive. This life is expressed by the person of Jesus in us. How cool!

I am often aghast  at the life of the church and its absorption in itself as though its activity is the presence of God. When Paul talks of Christ our life He does not mean that all the stuff we do with Christ as a back-up is our life. He means that Jesus in us is the expression of our true self and that His life flowing through us is the spirit-life that ignites ordinary things with the life of heaven.

The torpor and ineffectual witness of much of the church results from ignorance of the new covenant. The water of life that flows from some of His disciples flows because Jesus and not ‘his stuff’ is their life. The light and life of the world is found in the simple fact of Jesus Christ manifest as you. You are not God. But you are the next best thing. You are His daughter or His Son! This is a simple fact. The reality and not the shadow. No need for a new regime of effort and worksy discipline. Just agree and step into Him.

See ‘How New is the New Covenant?: Discovering the Implications of: Jesus is Lord.


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