To Be who you Really Are


Some people are too busy for truth. Leaving this for others they live a lesser and more pedestrian life having accommodated themselves to the un-life they have forfeited on the altar of human ‘doing.’ They are often very busy or just moderately busy. But never full alive or even fully human. People can lose themselves because they have become a function of their doings. But hidden in Christ we become more that what we are at any one time.

Christ our life is the life to the full. But ‘Christ our life’ is not His life submerged in ours. A Jesus life is not Him as an appendix to our stuff and our religion. He is our life. There is a living way to experience spirit and life. This is incarnation. It is Christ manifest as you and I. This is not some chore we have to do. This is something we only need to agree to. It’s Father’s gift of life in His Son.

Many live an ‘I do therefore I am’ existence. But there is another way called the new and living way. This is I AM therefore I do. When people wake-up into a genuine new birth to the adventure of being spirit and life they are amazed that they could even have though they were really alive in their former life in a body of death.

Many Believers have never been re-born because they have never made the transition from a life in Adam to a life in Jesus. What they have done is decided the old life of dissipation was not for them. Then stepped into a new, moral Christian life. But this is not the new birth. It is a new version of the knowledge of good and evil with Jesus help. It provides a modicum of life. But not the spirit and life that belongs to us when we and Father are one.

Unless we Christ is our life no matter how diligent our efforts we are a light globe that is never turned on. Christ our life is not some achievement arrived at by strenuous effort. It is simply saying, ‘Jesus I receive you as my life.’

If Jesus is our life; if we are hooked on Him and glued to His person, we can be assured of being led relentlessly into all truth – the truth about God. The truth about ourselves and the truth of His achievement for us in Christ and on behalf of the trinity. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself.

Yet many Believers, some more than others, spend much effort reconciling themselves to God in a vain repetition of what He has already accomplished for them. They are very busy in a Christian routine. But unfortunately they neither know the scriptures or the power of God. They lack the revelation of the infinitely loving nature of our Father as revealed in Jesus and mediated continually to us by the incarnated Spirit. But to see God’s love is to see Jesus. To know God’s love is to have Jesus as our life.

Truth leads us to liberty – liberty from our own wrong headedness and freedom from the myths of a religious view of Christianity. The latter is not a religion in the normal sense of the word. It is a person. The person of Christ as your life.

We can swim like a flies in a jar of molasses and say we are ‘Christian.’ Then again Christ can be our life and we will be sons – not of the slave woman but of the free woman. Those who are the most free, whole and holy are never punctilious about forms, rites and patterns. Too enlightened for this they live out of Christ and bring life to what would have been stagnant forms. They are not enlightened because they are particularly clever or zealous. They ‘see’ because Jesus Himself is their lens.

The religious find this confusing and annoying. To them ‘these people’ are getting ‘for free’ what they are striving to possess: Union with God. But the latter already have it. They just need to live in what the Enemy has robbed them of through cunningly devised fables.

The tragedy of those who have contained themselves within the limits of their own ideas and denomination assumptions is distance from God, lack of discernment and a wandering in the wilderness that ends not in the Kingdom of God but in dead bones of un-realized inheritance. The blessing of the good seed is that they are sons of God and live in continuing revelation. The curse of the tares is that they are confined in the cul-de-sac of their own assumptions. But there is also a blessing for the tares. They cannot sustain themselves and as a result experience withering and death – often many times before they realize something is wrong with their mindset. Or they are pulled out by the revelation of the Kingdom through apostolic teaching.

Many Believers live from some form of law. Some because they do not know that law has been replace by Christ in us. Others because they are attempting to live from the larger law of Christian values and Bible teaching. And others because they are stuck on some Mosaic commandment that binds them entirely to all of the law, the old covenant and the paralysis of Adam. Boniface Odhiambo writes –

“It pleases the enemy to keep us under the law and not to experience the love and favor of God. Before the law was given, there was sin but sin was not accounted for, but after the law was given they faced the consequences of their misbehavior according to the law [of which] they were now aware.

The law must have a government or authority for it to be legal. It was ordained by angels through a mediator Moses. Anytime they violated the law, the authority behind the system (angels) ensured there was punishment (Gal 3:19). A law without enforcement is not valid. It’s a system which ensures punishment for violation. Whoever subjects himself under this system should not expect mercy but punishment and judgment.

[But] We are not under the system of the law, we are married to another husband, Jesus Christ, therefore we should not bring back that which is obsolete, which is fading away. We have been saved from His wrath because of Christ, (Rom 5:9).”

As an ‘Eve’ we bear children to that which we are married. If married to the law we will manifest the letter, live from a belief-system or a ‘faith’ and be drawn to institutionalism. Even if we come into the Spirit we will eventually reduce it to the letter. We will have a form of godliness without  power and a spirituality without life – because we remain married to this body of death that is performance, the law and religion.

If Christ is our life we are married to Christ. We are His wife. We bear ‘children’ that are alive with spirit and life. We are part of the new creation and we give birth to the new creation because we have one husband who is Christ. We are alive, our words and acts are alive and we impart life because Christ is our life. We are life-giving spirits who prevail in the flesh.

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Works, Self-Worth and our Real identity


I find I still need to seek acceptance in the Father who made me to be who I am rather than attempting to earn the respect of those from vocations where analysis and self-reflection are not at a premium. This reminds me of the young man who graduated from medicine and remarked to his father, ‘Is that good enough for you Dad?’ This says as much about the Dad as it does about the Son. The fact is that we have a unique identity given to us from the Father of Lights. We need to find our identity in God rather than in seeking the acceptance of those who may not know Him or even know themselves.


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