With Vision we Flourish


In Australia we have a situation where our ample supplies of natural gas are at present sold off overseas for the benefit of the Investment Class. The result is that there is a shortage of gas for the Australian people who own it as well as exorbitant prices being paid for gas by Australian businesses.

The reward is supposedly jobs and wealth or jobs and growth. But the jobs are few due to automation and the wealth is for the few the on the grounds of a sense of entitlement. By entitlement I mean that notion that the few are entitled to grow rich from the proceeds of resources that are not theirs.

The effect is both poor policy and poor government. This investment class would like us to believe that there is insufficient gas which we should take to believe that they must drill holes all over excellent agricultural land and possibly ruin the water-table in order to maintain supplies. The lie of jobs and growth is continually used to disguise private greed and public irresponsibility. Who says this kind of immorality consistently applied is more venal that sexual immorality? Who needs Ned Kelly when we have these attitudes as public policy?

They will say, “Where is this ‘coming’ he promised? Ever since our ancestors died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation”’ 2 Peter, 3.4 NIV. Could this be a description of moribund conservativism as well as self-serving avarice?

A few years ago we had the potential to get one of the newest and best broadband services in the world. Today what we are getting is mediocre and pretty much outdated before it is installed. At present we have rank 51 on the scale of efficient and fast broadband. So much for innovation and growth. But as we see with the current energy production challenges, politics is too paralysed and confused by itself to innovate or govern.

The LORD has poured into them a spirit of dizziness; they make Egypt stagger in all that she does, as a drunkard staggers around in his vomit’  Isa 19.14 NIV.

The climate is changing and is doing so because of us. If you don’t understand this I’m sorry you did commerce instead of taking some history units and missed out on the beginning and significance of the Industrial Revolution. You could repent. Get your head out of the sand and realise that if there is no land and air there will be no economy and eventually no you and yours.

The problem of pollution is entirely solvable and increasingly there are excellent renewable alternatives to fossil fuels. Given time, focus and the absence of humbug it is absolutely possible to transition into less polluting alternatives. So why this Babylonian confusion and worship of materialism and soot? Why this paralysis pretending to be leadership and government? Because when there is no apprehension of God the people perish in the futility and vacuum of their own ideas. So desperate are the desperate that they choose leaders like Donald Trump – a man who has shown himself to be a leader among those who  destroy the earth. When we as the people act stupid we get leaders who are stupid.

Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint; but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom’s instruction’ Prov 29.14 NIV.

So what is the way ahead for Believers? We could examine the possibility that our vision of godliness is not God’s vision and not His Kingdom. We could asses whether our worship of institutionalism is the kingdom of the letter of the spirit of sonship.

We need to live the Kingdom Jesus began instead of trying to create a kingdom of morality. Particularly when our political and economic system is based on private greed and public irresponsibility.

You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked’ Rev 3.17 NIV.

Superior principles and fine (sexual) morals with Jesus help is not what Jesus began. Significantly what He wrote in the sand made the moralist creep away and hide. Jesus began a Kingdom where He is our forgiveness and our life. He is your life, my life, the life of all who receive Him and the life of the world. Holiness is the result of Jesus as our life. Not the Kingdom itself. He is. He is the way. Get this is and we have got the Kingdom. Engage in moral rants and hatred of Islam and we have missed it altogether. If people could see That Christ is Life in us they might stop and give thought. What they mostly see is that religion is our life and that condemnation and hypocrisy is our mode.

The fate of those who destroy the earth on the grounds of ‘investment’ is not good. But the poor in spirit will see God, know God and inherit the earth.

As it is, amidst the increasing chaos, none in the secular sphere seem to have thought of Jesus as THE WAY. Miracles are fine. People need to know that God is real and alive on the ground doing ‘God things.’ But healings and signs as salt and pepper on the Kingdom of man is not the Kingdom of God. It’s a continuation of the knowledge of good and evil with a passing reference to Jesus.

On Facebook of June 12, Francois Du Toit wrote, ‘The difference between positive thinking and faith is in its reference. While positive thinking can motivate you to strive to become and to possess, faith reveals who you already are and what you already have in Christ because of God’s doing.’

Now we are the sons of God. But not because we are ‘good morality addicts’ or down on homosexuality and pornography. We are sons because Jesus Himself is our life in every way. We are not in a religion. We are in a Person who is in us and we in Him. He manifests Himself in us. We are in God and through us His Kingdom comes into the world.

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