You, the Sons and Daughters of God


We might see ourselves as disciples, but we are more than that. It is not presumption to declare that you are a son or a daughter of God. This your true identity, your status with God and your relationship to the community of daughters and sons. You have what Jesus had, a subtle and all encompassing union with God.

God’s presence is never somewhere else. You might enjoy praise and worship but God is not more present here than when you are weeding the garden. The trinity lives in you!

Did you know that you do not have to experience a vision or a dream to hear from God? By a quiet agreement with His indwelling of you, you acquire not only His life but His thoughts. You can live in the Spirit of life and revelation because God lives in you! Many folks like to enjoy a ‘quiet beer.’ You can enjoy a quiet and consistent companionship with each member of the trinity and the angels – not because you have earned this or have found some ‘key.’ But because you believe and receive the gift of the Holy Family incarnated in you.

This is not to say visions, dreams and words are extraneous. They are part of our sonship. They are specific and confirming. But people who do not enjoy oneness with God can have them because God is gracious and intent on drawing us into Himself. The soil of the gifts is union with God. Not union with gifts. Healing and fullness come not from works, natural or supernatural. Wholeness comes from union with God.

David the poet king enjoyed intimacy with God. He was a figure of the coming Christ and every man. He had a close relationship with God because He desired Him. It was David who brought the ark into a tent among the people. This was a prophetic act foretelling the coming of the Messiah and His post cross infilling of the people with the presence of God. Jesus explained that any person who believes is greater than John the Baptist and by implication Moses and David. Not because of any spiritual feat of their own but because today GOD LIVES IN YOU.


The paradox of the Kingdom is that you and Father are one, yet you are entirely yourself. You are a manifestation of Christ. You came out of Him and you have been drawn into Him by The Plan – the cross, the resurrection, the incarnation and the Outpouring of Holy Spirit. We are not deity. But we are daughters and sons of God. And not sons in separation. Our being is interwoven with the trinity as Jesus declared.

On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. if today is ‘that day’ then rejoice. This is the key to the fullness of you as a person and your new covenant life in the spirit of sonship.

As a son you are a manifestation of our Father – as are all daughters and sons. As daughters and sons we are being and not doings. To live as a ‘doing’ is to dissipate yourself as a person and deplete yourself of the life that could have been yours in the Spirit of Sonship.

There is no separation since the cross. Separation is finished and done with forever. God lives in you, with and through you. This union with God, is the key truth of the new testament era. Not the outpouring of the Spirit or the anointing, a moral crusade with Jesus’ help or the ministry of the church – at least not the institutional version of it.


Today there is no separation between God and you, no orphaned you, no you separated by your sins, no separated holy spaces more anointed than where you are at the moment, no time or day more God imbued than any other day and no mannerism or piety more anointed than the simple power of the trinity alive in you – alive and waiting to be expressed from your being.  

Live from an attachment to the law and you cannot help but be a human doing. Live from religion and you can only ever get to be a ghost of your real self. Live from Christ who is your life, you will be a son in spirit and in truth. You will multiply Jesus’ life as yourself and produce fruit that lasts.

YOU ARE A BEING, NOT A DOING, you are son, not a worker, you are one with God not separated, your being is experiencing healing and rejoining no matter what circumstances are challenging you. You and our Father are one because all that Jesus has and  – is yours.

To see Jesus is to see yourself. To know Jesus is to know who you are. To be in Christ and not in some externality is to be in the happy position of only doing what Jesus is doing.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.’ If you have not realised this already now is a good time to start. Live in it. It’s the reality of Christ and the reality of the real you as distinct from the religious and striving you. Just agree with it and live in its peace and fruitfulness!

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