I have come to believe, as a result of inputs from various sources like theologians, Bible translators and scholars as well as ordinary folks that I have know since my youth – that many of us live poorly in the Kingdom because we live badly in an old covenant that is no longer relevant and which was not meant to last after the ripping of the curtain in the temple at Jesus’ death.

Abraham did only one Ishmael. But that was enough to temporarily subvert God’s plan and set in motion forces of negativity that remain to this day. Some of us have fathered whole trines of Ishmael’s and imagined ourselves apostles.

The new covenant way is the new and living way that is a He. This is Christ our life. Do we know that Christ is all of our personal life, all of our culture as Christians? Surely it is harder to see this when we have made a culture out of church. But the non-Ishmael way is far simpler and more potent than the creation of institutions. It is Christ write large, Christ the new reality, Christ the the expression of Himself in His people as the Kingdom of God.

‘Try-Harder-ism’ is a poor substitute for Christ in us, just as an institutionalised life in the church is a poor substitute for Christ as you. A Mixture of flesh and spirit is a sad amalgam of non-kingdom effort. A Christian Industry is a faint replica of the resurrection of the world and its new creation culture that is ours in Christ. Yet the simplicity of the new covenant is beyond belief and totally awesome. Christ our life becomes His Kingdom in the world.

The foundation of the church is Christ Himself and those who believe in Him. When Peter exclaimed. ‘You are the Christ, the Savior of the world.’ Jesus affirmed Peter in His mission and identity by saying ‘And you are Peter.’ Jesus was affirming Peter as a life-multiplier. To believe in Christ is to believe in oneself, to believe in life, to be alive and to multiply this life as the new creation. The new creation is Christ multiplied in people. It is Christ expressed as the branches and fruit that grow from His root and trunk. When Jesus came from the grave the new creation emerged with Him. This is why either Christ is our life or we have no life.

This blog is really a door to my other blogs. So what is written here will be short and meant to attract interested folks to that which has been written in more detail on the stupendous infinity of Christ our life.