I was born at the town of Maryborough in Queensland Australia. My father was a pastor and his wife, Dorothy the daughter of a pastor. We spent a year in New Zealand before I was five. On the evening we returned to Sydney my Dad passed away with cancer. Mum married again and I was raised on a pleasant farm called Mumble Peg with a Godly stepfather called Locky. To this day Mumble Peg continues to flourish with its golden citrus and excellent orange juice.

I was baptised and became a formal and energetic Believer. Yet it I did not become what my daughter calls a ‘Jesus Person’ until I had experienced severe personal disaster. Yet this was the makings of my life with Jesus which has expanded from this time in continued enjoyment of Jesus and the fullness of life that He is.

Some of the things I have learned are that we do well to learn by our mistakes. Being churched and active is not the same as knowing God and enjoying the fellowship of Jesus. We need to enter the Spirit-filled life if we are to be equipped with power from on high. Possession of a few gifts of the Spirit is not life in the Spirit and is not in itself the fullness of the gospel. There is a gospel of the Kingdom that has authority and a gospel of the gospel that is just religion. The Kingdom of God flows out of a practiced new covenant life. It is never associated with the law and old covenant mind-sets, religion or a focus on methods and formulae. The gospel of the Kingdom and its new creation life flows out of those for whom Christ is life and who live in the Spirit of Sonship. The manifest presence of Jesus is great. I Believe we can all multiply what Jesus began. But the greatest evidence of the manifest presence of God today is Christ in you!

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