Simplicity and Power

If you are a normal Christian, you could have been led to believe that your god-life is all about church. If you are a sensitive person with a passion for God you would have discerned that being churched is not in itself thirst-quenching. No activity or ‘thing’ is. But we are not left with eating dry wafers of externalities. We do have a life.

This life is the life of Jesus alive in our being. He is not here because of some discipline we do like praying a lot. He is here because He declared that should be believe in Him and obey His teaching the full-God Head would take up residence in our being. This is life in the Spirit and your spirit alive with God’s life. ‘Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them’ John 14.23 NIV.

So it’s all about Jesus. He is life. He shares this life with you, quenches your thirst for life and makes you are life-giver like Himself. You become a life-giving spirit in His image.

The life we have depends on the extent to which we have received Jesus over and above religion. Don’t eat the bottle and think it’s the drink. We can BE LIFE OURSELVES, impart life to our spouses and families when Christ is our life. Not when something else is our life. Christianity as religion can be the great darkness that separates us from God. Christ our life is the Kingdom of Heaven manifest as us.

The great truth of Christianity is not that we have victory over sin, although that is a by-product. The truth is that we are incarnated with the fullness of God. He is in you and will never leave you.

You can live a Jesus Life. It’s far simpler, less lonely and more satisfying than living a religious life. There are people whom Jesus uses to heal the sick and work miracles. These are good and show that He is real. But the greater manifestation of His presence is Christ in you – Christ manifest in all of us. This is the Kingdom of God enlarging in simplicity and power.

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India Ministry


I and two colleagues are going to India on Saturday. We will minister with Indian pastors for three weeks. This is my 4th trip. People have faith in India – maybe because many have little else to have fain in. Or because, as is the case with the many Hindus who come to be prayed for – if God is real He must be able to do ‘God things’ like heal the sick, raise the dead and cast our demons.

I am able to blog from my iPad so I hope to give accounts when the opportunity arises of God’s grace and authority. Feel free to pray for our safety and the ability to be vehicles of Jesus’ grace and tremendous authority.

Keith Allen

God is Love and Truth is a Person

1lifeofgodGod is no respecter of persons, which means that He is not constrained by our categories and labels.

Today I read about a Muslim woman who hugged a bitter and poisonous Christian woman demonstrating outside her mosque. This was remarkable for two things. Firstly the Muslim woman said, ‘Something just came over me and I was moved to hug her.’ The something that ‘came over her’ was undoubtedly the spirit of Jesus. The agitated Christian woman with her anger was melted by her love. More here.