The result of the Fall was the separation of the sons of God from the fellowship with Father. Father never abandoned human beings and worked continually for our reconciliation – the union that would be achieved in the AT-ONE-MENT (The cross). I mean the union the Holy Family progressed to achieve on our behalf. This ‘separation’ was more  guilt and a suspicion arising from the seed sown by the Father of Life and our putrefying soul life rather than Father’s alienation from us. This helps to a  more complete understanding of the meaning tares, the sons of God and the sons of the Evil One


‘Since by man came death.’ Here we may think of death not only as the decay of relationships and the eventual death of our bodies. It is the experience of the death of the dormant spirit, the death of the soul, deadness to life and a gnawing insensibility to the love and trustworthiness of our Father that results from separation. It is also the effect of separation from the light.

He alone can never die, and he lives in light so brilliant that no human can approach him. No human eye has ever seen him, nor ever will. All honour and power to him forever! Amen’ 1 Tim 6.16 NLT. But you have approached Him and indeed live in fellowship with Him in the person of Jesus seated beside our Father.


Separation is accompanied by a misinterpretation of Father’s passion to secure our belongingness and the joy of our company. We may interpret His interest in us as control or a pained exasperation at our lives. But when Jesus’ soul and spirit is aglow with deep satisfaction in Martha’s home as Mary seeks Jesus for Himself, we are seeing Our Father and Holy Spirit in their joy in nourishing our being. At that stage of her journey Martha was living from her misguided interpretation of God. Mary was pressing into God’s rendition of God. Martha was living out separation and attempting to earn union and Jesus was delivering union by embracing them both where they were.

The persons of the trinity conspired to secure our eternal belonging: The divine conspiracy. When Jesus cried ‘It is finished!’ the separation between God and man was finished for good. Our roles as co-labourers with Jesus is to aid people to enjoy the belonging that is already theirs.


In the beginning, the Enemy had contrived to sow seeds of distrust into Adam’s heart. It was intimated that Father was withholding something of Himself; that He was ‘pulling a swifty’ and confining us to a lesser self, to a puny state of being by not being open about Himself and The Tree.

Satan did not reveal to the Pair that knowing good and evil would come at a huge cost – to the trinity and to ourselves. He did not know that the seeds of distrust and separation that he fomented would eventually result in ‘Christ in you’ and the dwelling of the trinity in us. Neither did he see that his plan of separation and degradation would result in the incredible and mysterious union of Father with His sons and daughters. This is a union described by J. Baxter Kruger as ‘Jesus uniting human life, the life of God, the life of heaven and earth in Himself.’

As suggested, this separation was always more on the side of humanity than an attitude of God. Having disobeyed God, The Pair became aware of their nakedness in His presence. Not only were they physically nude but their finite nature was exposed and they were intimidated. Their guilt made them paranoid – so paranoid that when Jesus came AS LIFE to bring at-one-ment and life without limit they (we) put Him to death.


But so much for all the religious talk about God not being able to ‘look on sin.’ God in Christ entered into and was active at the core of man’s most depraved act – the crucifixion of the Christ of God. Here’s the truth: When life appeared among them humans put life to death. But in entering in to this death Jesus turned death into life.

It was from within this hub of iniquity and death that Jesus turned the cross on its head. He exploded sin and death from within. He instigated the new creation of the human race from inside the murder of God.

From this seed that was cast into the ground, our life and the life of the new creation sprouted anew in great force and certainty. After the resurrection Christ came in the flesh of every individual. In you and I and all who believe God in His fullness would dwell. He would multiply His Fatherhood as sonship into their being. He would multiply sonship according to the plan that had been in place before the foundation of the world.


When Jesus cried, ‘It is finished!’ separation was finished. When the curtain between the holy and most holy place was ripped from top to bottom, separation between man and God was done for. When Holy Spirit descended at Pentecost Father, Son and Holy Spirit made their home in human beings. No separation now.

In his novel, ‘Patmos,’ J Baxter Kruger has the characters say,

“There is only one battle.”

“One?” I asked, curious. His eyes flashed, and he looked straight at me.

“Union or separation,” John said definitively… I knew to the core of my soul that we had arrived at the heart of everything. I could see it in his face and in the way he held his head.

This is “The truth of all truths [is] Jesus [John continued]. “Jesus in his Father and us in him. Without Jesus, what do you have?”

“Not much, I reckon. Just ourselves.” [I replied]

“Ourselves and ideas of separation from God,” St. John declared in his most authoritative apostolic tone. “Listen, young Aidan.” And as I did, I felt that my world was about to be shattered. “The assumption of separation is the great darkness.” [1]

Sadly many live in the great darkness of separation as if it is light. Separation is standard religion in many places. Separation is the abode of the law-monger and the addict of religion. In this illusory mindset many live in the presence of God as though they are contained and separated in the presence of themselves. They live like goldfish in a fishbowl of religion while surrounded by the presence of God. But here’s the truth. There is no goldfish bowl and the presence is in them!


[1] Kruger, C. Baxter. Patmos: Three Days, Two Men, One Extraordinary Conversation (Kindle Locations 1225-1227). Perichoresis Press. Kindle Edition.


The Truth

1infinite life

Jack was a sincere man. He had laboured for Jesus under the auspices of the law and the belief that the law was the focus of God’s life and therefore of his. He took offence one day when a pastor from another church came and declared that those who lived from the law were not sons in spirit and in truth. ‘You are saying that I am not really a son!’ He railed. But neither we are in a law-mindset. We are potential sons – sons who live as workers and slaves outside our inheritance of Belonging. We are sons of the evil one so to speak. Not because we are bad people but because we have bought his story that we cannot live in the spirit of sonship until we get ourselves good enough to deserve a place in His presence.

Jack took offence because it was implied that he was not a son. Yet in his theology one earns sonship by works of the law. In his contradictory view, we are both not sons and are sons simultaneously, living in a state of ambiguity and uncertainty.  The bad news about this kind of ‘sonship’ is that your acceptance with God depends on you! The good news is that our gospel is not yes and no. It’s always yes in God. We belong because, apart from us God has made it so.

For the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who was preached among you by us–by me and Silas and Timothy–was not “Yes” and “No,” but in him it has always been “Yes”’ 2 Cor 1.19 NIV.


Life can be an adventure if we are willing to be reborn and literally embrace a new creation that involves the reinvention of ourselves, a distinct break with our foundations and the beginning of a new life on a new continent in a radically new universe. I’m talking re-birth into the new covenant of Christ our life.

We can, if we choose, make every effort to maintain or rebirth our old normal life. But if we are astute and following Jesus’ own death and resurrection, we will not continue to nurture what Jesus never planted. We will not circle endlessly in confusion. We will embrace Jesus’ uprooting of the tare of our old life and rejoice as He replants us in the Soil of Himself as sons and daughters of God.

‘At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn’ Matt 13.28 NIV.

We can in a natural sense, be born again and be replanted. But the new birth that Jesus speaks of is more fundamental and more sensational than this. It involves the death entirely of the old self and the beginning of the new self in a new and living way that heralds the growth into maturity of the emerging sons and daughters of God. We are transplanted into the soil of Father’s being. We are placed in the womb of the trinity to be rebirthed as real sons in spirit and in truth.

In this rebirth we cannot live in religion – which is the natural inclination of our Adamic self. We are who we are and grow into who we are becoming in the vicarious humanity of Jesus. This means that He is our life and relationship with God, ourselves and others in every respect.

Of course we are not compelled to do this. We can continue our journey in the expected/respected conformity of ‘Give us this day our daily plod.’ We can persist in more of the same and maybe commend ourselves for perseverance in unpromising circumstances. But as Robert Rohr observes,  ‘This first-half-of-life task is no more than finding the starting gate. It is merely the warm-up act, not the full journey. It is the raft but not the shore. If you realize that there is a further journey, you might do the warm-up act quite differently, which would better prepare you for what follows. People at any age must know about the whole area of their life and where it is tending and leading. We know about this further journey from the clear and inviting voices of others who have been there, from the sacred and secular texts that invite us there, from our own observations of people who have entered this new territory, and also, sadly, from those who never seem to move on.’


The field is the world, and the good seed stands for the people of the kingdom. The weeds are the people of the evil one’ Matt 13.38 NIV.

We can, if we choose mass like mindless sheep in front of an open gate, pressing on each other and squashing each other, oblivious of the door of freedom that awaits. ‘All we like sheep have gone astray, suffocating our spirits in an old and dead way.’ Then again we can permit these circumstances to launch us like a rocket out of the illusions of the father of lies to set us free from the withered sonship of the evil one.

In the new and living way the tare that was our life in the false fatherhood of Adamic separation is replanted in the soil called union with God. Here we are sons of God – not seeds failing to germinate or grow on the rocky soil of the law or the sands of religion. Tares, if they are clever, have a blessed hope. A hope that is expressed in the words. ‘Now we are the sons of God.’

Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is’ 1 john 3.2 NIV.

‘Moving on’ is done in the spirit of truth, liberty and life. Life of the kind that is expressed as a deep love of life. This love liberates and frees us from lifeless forms and repetitive usages that have no meaning other than a tired familiarity and the soporific effect of any drug. Following Jesus gives us boldness in place of timidity and courage in place of passivity to break the bonds and reject forever the shroud of our collective delusion.


On Being You


A son who lives a good life mostly does so because His life is  modelled on his mother or his father. A good woman can often thank her mother and father for the example they were. Good people are genetically and spiritually the expression of parents of good character. Certainly the opposite can also be the case. As a teacher I taught many lovely students. But some were bent in disposition and not nice people. They were a reflection of parents of bent nature – parents who left something to be desired as good and gracious people.

Most of us can do bad things. Even if we are basically good people. But you will come across people who are intrinsically bad or more accurately ‘evil.’ Social science calls them a sociopath. God calls them wicked. In every case such evil has a source – an unrelenting, uncontrolled, polluted heart arising from self-centredness.

God did not intend that we be anything less than ourselves. Since He is I AM He created us to be sons in His own image. We are meant to flourish as the person we are. Thus we are lesser ‘I am’s’ who  who live out our distinct identity and purpose in our unique design. In Jesus we are who we are.

This is why the law of Moses was not an end in itself and why the knowledge of good and evil is absolutely inferior to Christ as our life. His intention has always been that we live out of His Person to be a fully whole person. This is why the law is a schoolmaster to lead to Christ. It is why Christ does not live in to make us keepers of the law and a compilation of ‘do good pieties.’ He lives to impart to us the fullness of personhood which is the Spirit of Sonship – all of which is to say that  when Christ is our life God is our Father and we express His love, integrity and grace.

To know God is not to know morality or to participate in some performance discipline. It’s not even to do missionary work or be your own version of Mother Theresa. Charitable works can be just as much dead works as any kind of religion. Such religion smothers the spirit-life of God makes us dullards in spiritual discernment. Worse still it inhibits the Kingdom of God.

But when Christ is our life by the Spirit, we are our selves in Father and we release His spirit and life into all we touch with love and grace.

To know God is to experience Jesus Christ as our life and become sons who are fully persons even as the trinity are persons in the fullness of God. To be good persons is to be the expression of Jesus who lives in you. Not your life as you but His life as you.

To know God as He is and to know yourself as you comes from Jesus in you. It should not surprise us that to be a good human being is to be a son in the fullest sense and that this sonship is ours in union with our Father. Being a person is more than being decent. It is being the expression of the Christ in you.

Francois Du Toit writes, “The simplicity of the gospel is also its dynamic! The

only belief that matters, is what God believes! Jesus is what God believes! The faith of God has conquered the odds! One has died for all! Therefore all have

died! Just as it was appointed for man to die once and then face judgment, so Jesus died once and faced our judgment! Never to deal with sin again, but to reveal salvation! (Rom 1:16, 17, 2 Cor 5:14-21, Heb 9:27,28). None of the wise rulers of this age understood the simplicity of this mystery! In God’s economy, Jesus represents the human race! Without our permission or contribution, God singlehandedly wrought our deliverance from the powers of death and hell!”

There are those who cannot relinquish life in the flesh because they think life in the Spirit robs them of the self-respect they try to get from earning approval with God. But in this mode – the mode of the flesh come in the flesh through self effort and self justification – what they do is never enough. They never gain the self worth they are looking for and they never become rivers of spirit and life. Instead they get involved in an endless search for some fellowship, some key that might provide what can only be a gained in one way: CHRIST IN THEM.

‘The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you–they are full of the Spirit and life’ John 6.63 NIV.

In the Spirit the life of Christ and His infinite refreshment has come in your flesh and you are multiplier of infinite life. Earning your favour through good works of charity and beneficence Christ has not come in you and you multiply death in the name of life. Here we inhibit the new creation in the name of religion.

‘The life-giving power of this age is Christ come in you. This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God’ 1 John 4.2 NIV.

If Jesus delivered as from being performance addicts He  also set us free from the non-life of living as a string bag of virtues. As a person He has made us persons –  person who are daughters and sons living in the fullness of personhood which is the image of God. Because Christ lives in us we are the effect of His Spirit.  Because we and our Father are one He is revealed in us and we are who we are. Not some clone of religion or jesters in a game of trivial pursuit. We are life-giving sons in spirit and in truth.


With Vision we Flourish


In Australia we have a situation where our ample supplies of natural gas are at present sold off overseas for the benefit of the Investment Class. The result is that there is a shortage of gas for the Australian people who own it as well as exorbitant prices being paid for gas by Australian businesses.

The reward is supposedly jobs and wealth or jobs and growth. But the jobs are few due to automation and the wealth is for the few the on the grounds of a sense of entitlement. By entitlement I mean that notion that the few are entitled to grow rich from the proceeds of resources that are not theirs.

The effect is both poor policy and poor government. This investment class would like us to believe that there is insufficient gas which we should take to believe that they must drill holes all over excellent agricultural land and possibly ruin the water-table in order to maintain supplies. The lie of jobs and growth is continually used to disguise private greed and public irresponsibility. Who says this kind of immorality consistently applied is more venal that sexual immorality? Who needs Ned Kelly when we have these attitudes as public policy?

They will say, “Where is this ‘coming’ he promised? Ever since our ancestors died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation”’ 2 Peter, 3.4 NIV. Could this be a description of moribund conservativism as well as self-serving avarice?

A few years ago we had the potential to get one of the newest and best broadband services in the world. Today what we are getting is mediocre and pretty much outdated before it is installed. At present we have rank 51 on the scale of efficient and fast broadband. So much for innovation and growth. But as we see with the current energy production challenges, politics is too paralysed and confused by itself to innovate or govern.

The LORD has poured into them a spirit of dizziness; they make Egypt stagger in all that she does, as a drunkard staggers around in his vomit’  Isa 19.14 NIV.

The climate is changing and is doing so because of us. If you don’t understand this I’m sorry you did commerce instead of taking some history units and missed out on the beginning and significance of the Industrial Revolution. You could repent. Get your head out of the sand and realise that if there is no land and air there will be no economy and eventually no you and yours.

The problem of pollution is entirely solvable and increasingly there are excellent renewable alternatives to fossil fuels. Given time, focus and the absence of humbug it is absolutely possible to transition into less polluting alternatives. So why this Babylonian confusion and worship of materialism and soot? Why this paralysis pretending to be leadership and government? Because when there is no apprehension of God the people perish in the futility and vacuum of their own ideas. So desperate are the desperate that they choose leaders like Donald Trump – a man who has shown himself to be a leader among those who  destroy the earth. When we as the people act stupid we get leaders who are stupid.

Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint; but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom’s instruction’ Prov 29.14 NIV.

So what is the way ahead for Believers? We could examine the possibility that our vision of godliness is not God’s vision and not His Kingdom. We could asses whether our worship of institutionalism is the kingdom of the letter of the spirit of sonship.

We need to live the Kingdom Jesus began instead of trying to create a kingdom of morality. Particularly when our political and economic system is based on private greed and public irresponsibility.

You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked’ Rev 3.17 NIV.

Superior principles and fine (sexual) morals with Jesus help is not what Jesus began. Significantly what He wrote in the sand made the moralist creep away and hide. Jesus began a Kingdom where He is our forgiveness and our life. He is your life, my life, the life of all who receive Him and the life of the world. Holiness is the result of Jesus as our life. Not the Kingdom itself. He is. He is the way. Get this is and we have got the Kingdom. Engage in moral rants and hatred of Islam and we have missed it altogether. If people could see That Christ is Life in us they might stop and give thought. What they mostly see is that religion is our life and that condemnation and hypocrisy is our mode.

The fate of those who destroy the earth on the grounds of ‘investment’ is not good. But the poor in spirit will see God, know God and inherit the earth.

As it is, amidst the increasing chaos, none in the secular sphere seem to have thought of Jesus as THE WAY. Miracles are fine. People need to know that God is real and alive on the ground doing ‘God things.’ But healings and signs as salt and pepper on the Kingdom of man is not the Kingdom of God. It’s a continuation of the knowledge of good and evil with a passing reference to Jesus.

On Facebook of June 12, Francois Du Toit wrote, ‘The difference between positive thinking and faith is in its reference. While positive thinking can motivate you to strive to become and to possess, faith reveals who you already are and what you already have in Christ because of God’s doing.’

Now we are the sons of God. But not because we are ‘good morality addicts’ or down on homosexuality and pornography. We are sons because Jesus Himself is our life in every way. We are not in a religion. We are in a Person who is in us and we in Him. He manifests Himself in us. We are in God and through us His Kingdom comes into the world.

More here.


Jesus Himself is your life


The Christian life is simpler than many Christians think. This is because it is not a ‘Christian Life.’ It is the person of Jesus. When Jesus said, ‘I am the way,’ He meant ‘I am everything you need.’ He meant ‘ I alone am the door to life.’ When Paul declared ‘Christ our life’ he meant Jesus and nothing else is our life. Yet Christians vitiate and cripple themselves by living from Jesus’ stuff instead of living from Him. His stuff – all that is called Christian and religious is not Jesus. It’s stuff. And it’s not Him. It is us.

Christ’s church is the manifestation of Himself as us. Man’s church is a creation of the letter. I sat through a tiresome and well meant seminar once on ‘Getting the right structure’ for church. Any structure the church of Jesus has is the manifestation of His life and spirit. Not the creation of the letter that kills.

Jesus promised us the Holy Spirit who would personally represent Himself and our Father to us in the world of being and doing. We would never be orphans. God in fullness would be in us and with us. The word for God infused in our being is ‘incarnation.’ This is the outstanding fact of the new testament age. It is Paul’s topic in Romans 8. It is life in the Spirit of Christ manifest in each of us and together as the church.

But many Christians, most I suggest, are not living from Christ their life. They are addicted to the human supposition that our life is found in doing. But it is not. In God’s Kingdom our life is found in being. We are alive and who we are in spirit and truth when we are rooted in Father as the sons and daughters of God. By receiving Christ we receive His person. By accepting His person we are made one with all of God. We are drawn into the real life of the trinity. This is the heart of love and the hub of all life in the universe. The hub of the universe is personal. It is love and it is spirit and life. When a personal Jesus and not something external is our life we share the life and spirit of the trinity. Now we have become life-givers. Instead of living in Christ’s stuff as a religious jitter-bug we live in peace and comfort in God. Now the things we touch become charged with His spirit and life.

The Kingdom of God is not charity or social issues. The Kingdom is the impartation of Christ’s resurrection and life to these issues. Wherever ‘help’ is just help and ‘charity’ is just charity, we have not advanced the Kingdom of God by one centimetre. Our ‘help’ leaves people no further ahead than the help of the atheist or agnostic. But when the sons and daughters of God assist the poor and the distressed they are touched with the spirit-life of God. Eternity has entered their lives and a seed of new creation hope and joy has begun to grow in them that will continue expanding throughout eternity. This is why Jesus said, ‘The flesh profits nothing.’ But the Spirit and life that lives in one who represents new creation hope continues growing forever.

We can manage a faint semblance of spirit and life by living as a ‘Christian Doing.’ We can manage a few drops but that’s all. There are no rivers of life springing from us here. None here because we are living from a form of law and dead works – a subtle performance code.

In the book of John we find a parallel description to that found in Genesis one. John describes the new Genesis, the new creation that came into the world in Jesus Christ. He remarks on the crucial fact of Jesus incarnation as the son of God among us. He says, ‘In Him is life and that life is the light of human beings.’ Jesus is life in person. He makes all things new. He is truth and revelation. He is He who illuminates all that is true and exposes all that is devious and a humbug. There is an adventure in Jesus. You will be led into all truth and you will become more alive as a result. Don’t settle for a life in Christian stuff. You will short-change yourself and betray the non-believing world. Christ is your life and as such you are a daughter/son who lives as an agent of the new creation in spirit and in truth.

Flow of the Spirit

Mission trips are revealing in more ways than one. On can see the mighty works of God and one can also see our personal need for grace. If working with a team in close proximity, things about our personal carnality may be revealed that we did not know were there. Thinking of selfishness and petulance here. Or being thin skinned.It takes much grace to work with others effectively – more grace than in daily routines where we are on our own or with our own.

I once worked on a mission trip with a person who unwittingly represented the Jezebel spirit. Mission trips for such are about themselves and their need to control. Despite themselves, they live to shut down the anointing and promote themselves. It pays to do your homework before a trip. Holy Spirit talk can mask a need to control.

Holy Spirit brings us the presence of Jesus and the Holy Family. They are all for one and one for all. Unity, diversity and love –  they are community itself. Workable community is not a machination. It is the presence of Christ in us. Christ not as a construct but as The Jesus who lives in us. 

We are on safe ground in the fullness of Jesus. Not so much in a limited Jesus. I’m referring to the limited kinds of Jesus that arose in the United States in the 19th century and before. Some proffered lesser Christs, others false Christs and some “other gospels.” Most of the Awakenings operated in ignorance of the new covenant and what the cross, resurrection and Pentecost mean for our lives. The meaning is the simple really: Christ is totally our life and His ministry is vicarious and vicariously unlimited. This is undergirded by the fact and efficacy of the incarnation – Christ in us as our glory and the Kingdom revealed in people. Today much of the church operates in a poor mans view of the new covenant. This leaves us with less than the riches of Christ and an inheritance of sonship  that is largely yet to be realised.

We have seen many healings on this trip. Many diseases are psycho-somatic in origin and linked to the stresses of life. Financial and marriage stress can manifest as symptoms in our bodies. It is not a diminution of Gods power to claim these as healings. He is life. Others are related to bacteria. Others are just dis-ease as in the opposite to health and ease. Some result from the failure of organs or the loss of them. We have seen restorative and creative miracles this trip. Rose, whose hand was immobilised from the age of two had complete freedom of movement restored. Jesus uses us to heal despite our theology. We can heal because we trust in Jesus – irrespective of our bad theology. Sometimes Jesus uses cessationists despite themselves. However Jesus desires that we live in the fullness of His Kingdom- not some robbed and defective kingdom formed from old covenant assumptions.

I have observed some specious kinds of theology that limit our sonship, our authority and leave us less than we are. Grace enables us to minister the life of Jesus, even if we are living in a lesser covenant and a lesser Jesus. Sometimes. But there is liberty and power in truth. Fullness for all is His desire. Jesus is not satisfied with even the smell of death. There is no room for even a smidgeon of death in a gospel that promotes life to the full. So don’t make a life out of rationalising disfunction. Some always have ‘good’ reasons for rationalising death.

Jesus is not a clever way of doing the law or performance or religion. He is Gods way of replicating Himself in you! Signs and the healing of diseases is a parable of Jesus intention to heal a life and to heal the world. Healing is the sign and evidence of new creation life.

Lives are healed. We are made whole when we live in the holistic gospel of Jesus the person. There is no life in the letter or the law or its modern equivalent-all the things Christians should do. Either Christ is our life or we are – in which case we are instruments of death.

Jesus is not effective as a life-giver because He was born of the Spirit, baptised in the Spirit and ministered in the Spirit. He ministered as His Fathers Son, in union with Father and the apostolic expression of His Father. Jesus and Father are one. The new covenant enant gives us the same status.

Our new covenant gift is that we and Father are one. We have Jesus union with God. By right. Our death to Adam, to Moses and the law has occurred in Jesus. We are alive in the anointing as Sons because now we are the sons of God- in spirit and in truth.The infinite life of God is also ours in Jesus. God is the ground of our being, the reason for our sonship and the glory of our person. The anointing and baptism of the Spirit is the authentication of our sonship and authority as sons. It is the tree that grows from our new covenant life – if we are participating in the new covenant and not glued to the old.

On the old we do not live in the spirit because we do not live in the Son. We are attempting to live in the law and religion. The law produces a rational-legal mode opposed to the Spirit of life. Captured in the letter we will imagine that life is found in the quoting of texts and the citing of references. But it is not. We will think that life comes from the quoting of text. In new via enant mode you are the life – because the life has become you!

This life and light is found in the spirit of revelation that fills you and ignites the word. Read in the old covenant the Bible is the letter. In the new covenant it is the living word and Spirit.

In the Kingdom an action is not right because it is in the Bible. It is right and life-giving because it is in God and one with God. Truth is not alive because it is true. It is alive because it is our life in God. This is the difference between the kingdom and life in the knowledge of good and evil with Jesus added. The difference between the two is the difference between Adam and Jesus light and darkness, religion and life.

There is a flow about words and action in the Spirit that is succinct and powerful, casting down false doctrine and embedded Christian myths. Such a witness is sharp and powerful because it is delivered in the weakness of the Spirit rather than the strength of the letter and the flesh. The old covenant binds us to the flesh and what Jesus called, ‘your law.’ The new covenant liberates us to be ourselves by binding us in union with the son of man and his law of the spirit of life. 

We can’t speak spirit and life if our feet are in the old covenant even if our head is in the Holy Spirit. The two do not mix because we cannot serve too masters. But in Christ we are the one new man. The man who is whole in Jesus; the man who is free and who sets sons and daughters free because he and Christ are one.




We have the capacity to impart life. This is a human capacity greatly enhanced when we are one with the son of man. This oneness has been gifted to us in the incarnation and the ministry of Holy Spirit. Our main life-multiplying capacity arises from our rootedness in our Father, through Jesus. This is the ground of the gifts. The gifts are not the ground of sonship. Sonship is the garden from which the gifts grow. Thus it is important that we have fullness of sonship rather than the limited sonship of old covenant assumptions. We cannot live from such a mind-set and be apostolic. Neither can we be an apostle of the Kingdom if we have not embraced the new and living way of the new covenant.

Jesus represented Father, unveiled Him and fulfilled his mission because he was one with the father. Not because He had the anointing and was baptised in the Spirit. The latter was a function of the former.

Some are apostles. All are meant to be apostolic in being and function. Jesus was the expression of our Father and represented Him as His Son. So to do we. If we are living in our new covenant spirit of sonship and union with Father in Jesus Christ.

We are competent to minister the Kingdom in new covenant mode. Here we are the multiplication of Jesus and representatives of our Father as sons. To be a son of Father is to be established as Fathers in the church Jesus builds. Fathers are simply people who are sons whether men or women. Fathers are matured sons and never cease being sons.

Apostolic ministry is new covenant ministry. Grounded  in the person of Jesus it has no attachment to the law, but is entirely rooted and  immersed in Jesus and the life of the trinity. Kingdom life flows from persons and spirit. Never from abstractions and injunctions like law. As such genuine apostolic ministry is personal, communal, authoritative and flowing with spirit and life. A Jesus life is life in our Father more than life in the gifts. Thanks to Jesus we are one with our Father. The bottom line is that Jesus  is our life. The KINDOM is less about the cross and more about His life as ours continuously.

Jesus overflows with grace. One can minister spots and drips of His life,clogged with old covenant assumptions. But not in fullness. Due to grace we can do a modicum for God with sincere hearts even if our light has been dimmed by a truncated gospel. Jesus does minister from folks in spiritual wheel chairs. But His liberty is always found in the fullness of truth. His aim is to have us grow into the fullness of Himself. He aims to reveal his glory. Not our wheel chair.

The anointing, the gifts, Spirit baptism are not what made Jesus mighty. It was the anointing that flowed from His obedient sonship that set Him apart as a life-giver. You need to know that life in the Spirit cannot be bolted on to old covenant Christianity and can never be the gospel of the Kingdom.

Some lack spiritual discernment by nature. Others because they are tied to the old covenant and have an extra-Jesus identity. It is important to discern the flesh from the kingdom because this is the difference between holding conferences and multiplying spirit and life.

As sons we are apostolic avenues of the personal life of Jesus. As servants and slaves we are limited and bound in mediocrity and religiosity. This is what Paul means about the slave woman and the free woman in Galatians. The sons of the former do not live in the inheritance that is theirs. They are  tied to the law by doctrine or to a try harder mentality by habit or the culture of institutionalism. The Christian Industry has a vested interest dependency creation and consumer Christianity. Find community with the sons of God and live in what you already have- a secure place in Fathers heart and presence. There’s no such thing as McChurch in the Kingdom. But those who eat and drink the Son of Man are spirit and life to a dying world.

In old covenant mode Christ is not your life but the means to your life. In the new He is your life. He is you! Thus you are the expression of Him and the reality of His glory where you are.

Christ your life is His Kingdom where you are.



Acts of the Apostles

Some are apostles. All are meant to be apostolic in being and function. Jesus was the expression of our Father and represented Him as His Son. So to do we. If we are living in our new covenant spirit of sonship and union with Father in Jesus Christ.

We are competent to minister the Kingdom in new covenant mode. Here we are the multiplication of Jesus and representatives of our Father as sons. To be a son of Father is to be fitted as Fathers in the church Jesus builds. Fathers are simply people who are sons whether men or women.

Apostolic ministry is new covenant ministry. Grounded  in the person of Jesus it has no attachment to the law but is entirely rooted and  immersed in Jesus and the life of the trinity. As such apostolic ministry is personal, communal, authoritative and flowing with spirit and life.

Apostolic ministry knows no identity other than Jesus.

Jesus overflows with grace. One can minister spots and drips of His life clogged with old covenant assumptions. But not fullness. Due to grace we can do a modicum for God with sincere hearts even if our light has been dimmed by a truncated gospel. Jesus does minister from folks in spiritual wheel chairs. But His liberty is always found in the fullness of truth.

National or church culture is a reason for spiritual dullness. It is not an excuse. All have access to the torch and the sword.

As sons we are apostolic avenues of the personal life of Jesus. As servants and slaves we are limited and bound in mediocrity and religiosity. This is what Paul means about the slave woman and the free woman in Galatians. The sons of the former do not live in the inheritance that is theirs. They are  tied to the law by doctrine or to a try harder mentality by habit or the culture of institutionalism. The Christian Industry has a vested interest in dependency creation and consumer Christianity. Find community with the sons of God and live in what you already have- a secure place in Fathers heart and presence.

In old covenant mode Christ is not your life but the means to your life. In the new He is your life. He is you! Thus you are the expression of Him and the reality of His glory where you are. You see with the eyes of the living word who cuts through religious rationalisations and embedded obfuscation. You do not work in a fog. You have the light of life. You are not a dull instrument. You are sharp, powerful and alive. Because Christ, not the stuff, is your life.



I didn’t always believe in healing. I thought I had good reason not to. My Father died of cancer when I was five. This left me more bitter  than I realized. By the time I was twenty I was what a lecturer called‘ a born cynic.’ Except cynics were not born. Just deeply hurt.

So I  did not have a high view of God. For what he had not done. And because I was raised in a home where the law was held to be the Centre of the universe and the seventh-day Sabbath the evidence that you are keeping it. You can’t keep the law of course. No one can but Sabbath observance gives you the illusion that you are and to that extent it is a false Christ. So we had this Sabbath hanging round our necks like a dead albatross, a God and Jesus who was under the law – he had to be because he lived to support it, so Sister White would have it. Jesus did what He did to support the Sabbath we were told in D of A. Note: this is quite a load of cods wallop. There is no Bible evidence for this at all. Jesus lived to reveal His Father and lived from his father. There was no law mongering about him. Had Jesus been a son of the law he could offer neither salvation or life. Thankfully Jesus was under nothing and He placed the law and Satan under his feet. This paves the way for all of us to live in His Spirit. This us where healing begins.

In any case we heard little about Jesus. There is a  book called Steps To Christ. It started off in brightness and hope in the possibilities of Christ, then took a downward path into performance and law. This pretend Christian teaching clothing death in the words of life was the bane of my childhood and the seed of my belief that if God was good He was not that good and was rather mean and demanding. If you wanted a good dose of austerity religion and a perverse gospel with all the good parts ripped out of it, then Adventism was the way to go. It is really a pseudo- Christianity that pays lip service to Christ and advocates salvation by Adventism.

Father is better than most Christians think and certainly much better than I was  used to thinking. Jesus is neither religious or austere. He is life and love Himself. To see Jesus  is to see our Father. The law is incapable of revealing Jesus. Only Jesus can reveal The Father and only Jesus can impart life. To live in the law is to be a fish in a goldfish bowl viewing the world through a distorted lens. To look through the Jesus lens is to be a son of God  and see in spirit and in truth.

The law cannot heal. I have seen deeply wounded people come into the Spirit and the gifts but remain emotionally diseased because they persisted in old covenant law-mongering. This separates from Jesus, denying the healing we so desperately need. It’s all or nothing with Jesus. You can’t retain an identity that you think gives you some status and security. You cannot hold onto your ideas and imagine that you will get the mind of Christ. There is no is home and revelation for you in the law- only blind siding to the truth that Christ plus nothing is your life. Or blindness to the fact that you imagine Christ is your life yet attempt to use Him to keep the law. There is a law but it is Jesus and not Moses,or the expectations of Christianity. He is the law of the Spirit of life which is a person through and through.

You are a most unwise person if you are led to believe that Adventism is an improvement on the gospel of the truth. It is a cunningly woven fable.

It amazes me that former lecturers and  several of my friends, all with doctorates have swallowed the perverse gospel of Adventism. Intelligence is no defence against false doctrine. The source of all that is right and true is the spirit of wisdom and revelation that is ours when Christ is our life rather than the old covenant or a religious identity, or an alternate gospel with a deviant cosmology. We can make of ourselves a good cripple in the old covenant mind-set but we cannot become sons in spirit and in truth, because we have not been healed and remain slaves,workers and hard of hearing. There is a reason old covenant ministries fade or just stumble on as something and nothing. Un-joined to Father we have no spirit or life. We speak information that is a river of sand and don’t even know that we are a sincere but boring hack and an obstruction to the new creation.

A colleague once remarked to me, ‘We are quite different people.’ And so we are, but the major difference in our being and out ministry had nothing to do with personality. It is entirely to do with being. She lived in the old covenant and I live in the new. The result of this is healing for the eyes and heart. In the old covenant we see trees moving. In the new we see things as they are.




We need to know that we are not living Christianity because we are not living a religion. The person of Jesus is living us. This is the meaning of Pauls words, ‘Christ your life.’ The spirit of Jesus as you; the person of Jesus as the church is a fire that will not be put out.

Our message in India has been that the real gospel of the Kingdom is Christ come in the flesh. Anything less than this is demonic in origin. Christ our life is our peace, personal holiness and authority to do His works. Because he is our life in spirit and in truth we are one with our Father. We do what He is  doing- naturally and without contrivance we are in the flow of the river of life that is personal and life-giving.

The Kingdom of God no longer advances from Sabbaths or temple. It expands from Christ in you. Old covenant living will dull your being in the same way that Hinduism has dulled a nation. Old covenant belief is more confused, more verbose, and innately religious- as compared to the clarity and power of  new covenant competence.The fact that God will grace us in our ignorance is no excuse to continue in a lesser life.

In the old covenant we may give a Bible study on the Spririt of Sonship. But we remain in the shadow of the reality. In the new covenant we are sons. We witness sonship in spirit and in truth. Strictly speaking, ‘now we are the sons of God’ is not our possssion in the old covenant mindset. We need the mind of Christ and his union with Father. But this is not ours in the law and in Adam.

The old covenant died when Jesus put Adam to death at the cross. The new covenant came into being when Jesus rose on Sunday. The age of separation, bifurcation, compartmentalizations has been over for more than 2000 years. Don’t live in what God did not mean to last and what He no longer endorses. Jesus Christ is all and in all. He, not your efforts, work for Him, church involvement- that pile of religious stuff that Paul calls rubbish and dung – Jesus is totally your life, makes you totally who you are meant to be and a vessel who carries the water of life.

The Kingdom of God realized  is Christ as us all. Christ our life is His kingdom in the world. You are in dwelt, empowered and endorsed to be Jesus multiplied where you are.