Less than Yourself



All genuine purpose and spirit-life comes from Father’s person and heart. This is the model Jesus gave us. All members of the trinity minister out of their mutual love and unity. The life of God comes out of the being of God. Jesus was always the Son of God. In coming among us he appeared as a human being as the Son of God and the Son of Man. To see Jesus is to see what a kingdom person is: one who lives from Father as a son.

Sons of God are sons of the free woman. Never of the slave woman. Thus to live in the latter is to live an old covenant life as a shadow of oneself and of a son. There is an obvious legalism and a more subtle and suffocating legalism that is almost invisible. This is the condition of living old covenant in the new. Some live in mixture. There are denominations that are entirely submerged in an old covenant imagination. This has the effect of castrating sons. The result is cliche ridden prayer and dismal discernment.

Jesus came from our Father. He lived from His being as the son of God and son of Adam.He was one with our Father and did what Father was doing because they were one. He was one with Holy Spirit – part of the trinity and one with it as God. When Jesus was baptised with the Spirit, Father confirmed what Jesus already was – the Son of God. Similarly Holy Spirit confirms our sonship to the effect that we are never orphans but sons. Now we are the sons of God. Spirit baptism is a baptism into our new covenant union with God.

But it is never a dowsing of Holy Spirit gifts on those who live in the law. Living from such q concept leaves us in the illusion that we are alive in the Spirit when are really Adam and ourselves.

Jesus did not need the gift of tongues to enhance His relationship with Father.. He lived from who he was. Not from the gifts or the anointing. His anointing was ancillary to his sonship. It was the confirmation of this sonship.  Some versions of Christianity attempt to utilise gifts of the Spirit while remaining firmly embedded in old covenant suppositions. The results are a dim representation of the Kingdom and fade out in the ventures they begin. This is like planting a tree with the polythene wrapping still around the roots. The Kingdom will not grows do the Spirit will go.

A friend describing this phenomenon said it was like freshly painting an old truck and expecting it to work as new.

Living an old covenant life in the new covenant age is symptomatic of powerlessness and religiosity. The old covenant imagination depicts us as separate from God. There is this dichotomy that expresses itself in words like ‘keeping close to Jesus.’ But we are in Jesus. Or the Believer may pray that Jesus help George to be patient and gracious. The under-lying assumption in the word ‘helped’ is that one must try ones best and rely on Jesus back-up. The fact is though that Jesus lives in us and is our help and our goodness. He is our patience and grace. People pray that Jesus might assist us with disembodied qualities because they believe there is a law, separate from Jesus. They are still linked to Moses and the words on stone. But the law of the Spirit of life is a person- the Jesus who lives in us and is our life in spirit and in truth.

The tiresome thing about religion is that it promotes something and nothing in the name of life. Information about what is right or what is better is not life unless it is in God and in union with Father. We are not in this One Spirit if we are attached to the old covenant because we remain in the separation of Adam. Christ is our life when we are joined to Him and rooted in our Father. We are not sons because we have Holy Spirit. We are sons because we have been planted in the trinity.

Religion produces cliched prayer, stereo-typed pronouncements and stagnation. Don’t expect the life of God to be a geyser of living water in you if your inclination is to excuse the status quo and rationalize your embedded unsound doctrine because of some religious identity you are clinging to. You will be a dry water hole. The perceptive will know but not you.

Don’t expect to multiply kingdom life and gospel by bolting a Holy Spirit mentality onto old covenant supposition.

Old covenant is the soil of religion with its blurred vision, religiosity and feeble spirit life. Jesus was authoritative and life-giving because he was rooted in our Father. Not because He had the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit and His anointing was the sign and reality of His union with God. It is so with us. We cannot live in the Spirit of Sonship even with Holy Spirit with old covenant castration. Jesus came out of the wilderness full of Holy Spirit because He had asserted His identity as Gods Son. Our life in the power of the Spirit is grounded in our union with God, our sonship and Christ our life. When Christ is our life we are one with Father. We are sons. But in law and old covenant we are not. We have chosen to be less than ourselves and we are. But we are competent to minister spirit and life when we and Father are one




To live in the Spirit is not to live in Spiritual gifts. It is to live as a son in Father as Jesus lived. Life in the Spirit is a new covenant reality that is a function of Christ our life. Fullness in Christ refers not to being full of the gifts of the Sprit. This fullness is a state of being. This is the state of being that sets us as sons, not notionally but in spirit and in truth. Disembodied gifts are the result of living an old covenant life in the new covenant age. Any tie or alliance with the law negates our sprit life in Christ and leaves us mentally separated from God. Our beliefs create our reality. This is why we deny error and uphold truth. We need to bring out reality into Christs reality to live in fullness of being and rise to the measure of who we really are in Christ.

The anointing, spiritual gifts and the power of the Spirit are never stand-alone items. They are part and parcel of our Fathers life and the expression of the Sprit of sonship in us. They will never flourish in fullness unless we are living in our new covenant union with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Gifts of the Spirit exercised apart  from old covenant assumptions is a non-sequitur and will ultimately fizzle. Law, old covenant, God-separated, pre-Christian life will never be soil that will grow the Kingdom of God. Rooted in law or performance or religiosity we will not grow the Kingdom even though we have some success with the gifts. Old covenant life and assumptions will leave us unhealed and outside the inheritance that is ours as sons of God. We may have some success but this is the success of a slave or worker still stifled in his spirit by the law. Sons of the slave woman cannot receive their inheritance in the spirit because they are still bound in the law. In addition the quality of the gifts will be impaired and prophecy will be spasmodic in accuracy.

An old covenant orientation inclines us to the notion that Jesus was who He was and did what He did because He was anointed by Holy Spirit. Not so. He was His Fathers Son. He lived in His Father to reveal His Father. Jesus authority came from the completeness of His life in Father. His Spirit anointing was the result and expression of this union.Jesus and Father were one. This is why He had the Spirit without limit. Not because He kept the law and got an anointing.

Life in the Spirit is not life in the baptism of Holy Spirit. But it is life in our Father in the Spirit of Sonship. The fullness of Christ is not everyone operating in the gifts. It is Holy Spirit making real our union with our Father. Jesus operated in authority and power as a man who was a son of God in spirit and in truth. He did what Adam had been meant to be as a son.

Jesus never lived from the law. He lived in and from His Father in complete oneness. Holy Spirit makes this oneness ours. The anointing and gifts are a function of this union. We become the expression of the Christ and our Father. This is so because Christ is our life – not law, religion or performance.

Anything sourced in old covenant assumptions will be febrile. It will bind a Believer in mediocrity and she will not be aware that she exhibits 2 out of 10 performance or that the anointing is absent or barely there. An old covenant mentality can in pack religion but never the Kingdom and its gospel of spirit and life. Old covenant addresses are typically long-winded, laboured and wordy. They are sourced in the letter. They lack spiritual insight and contain much religious pacing, because they do not arise from the stream of wisdom and revelatio that is the province of sons. These addresses are children of the law and as such are saturated with human assumptions and lifelessness. Strong on information they arise from the knowledge of good and evil and lack the sheer life that is Christ our life.

In contrast an address in the new covenant spirit of sonship is concise and often short. Delivered in the Spirit it is like the Tardis – bigger on the inside than the outside. Such words are spirit and life because there is a direct line from Father through you to the people.

Jesus was never a compilation of the gifts. He was much more than the sum total gifts that came from the spirit without limit. HE WAS TOTALLY Himself as the son of man and son of God. His life and Spirit came from His sonship.Similarly fullness in Christ individually or the church is related not to gifts but to our fullness as sons of our Father. Either He will be our life or we will be. With Jesus help. But only the former is the kingdom of God.


Not forms of Godliness

Conversed with an old  friend on Messenger yesterday. Miracles seen in an Indian village can be related to the world in an instant.

My friend has recently returned to  the Lord. But as is common, when we return after an absence of many years, we can pick up where we left of even though the wold has moved on. The Church as a whole has been returning to the fullness of Jesus and life in the spirit for some time. The gifts of the Spirit deployed are common across denominational lines; there are real apostles as well as wanna be’s,  increasingly Believers are living an apostolic life as daughters and sons of the King and the meaning of Christ come in our flesh as something more than Bible studies and church programs.

My friend wanted to know if the healings reported are real. I said they are as real as you and I. He then opined that God does not work today as He did in olden times. But He does. Any Believer today has more spiritual authority than did John the Baptist or any prophet of old. Because Christ lives in you. So let’s be done about being filled with the spirit of Elijah and let the Spirit of Christ manifest through us.

When I was a boy it was assumed by our church that the age of miracles was a over. This is entirely unbiblical and has been disproved by experience. Those who deny this have accommodated themselves to the experience of His absence and called this God. Sad. Some churches teach this as the doctrine of cessationism. It’s really a doctrine of demons.

We have a living Christ at large in our person and the church. We have a king and a kingdom. We have Godliness with power. Through Jesus all authority has been to each as sons of God. This is our inheritance.


The Dilemma

Several people are healed at all of our meetings. More people are healed here in India than we are used to in Melbourne. The basis of our message has been Christ in us and the multiplication of Jesus in the normal man and woman. This means multiplying what Jesus began.

Today I prayed for a lady with depression and saw the peace and joy of a real and present Jesus steal across her face and body.

Two of us teach the word of spiritual gifts and the power of the incarnation and Tom demonstrates the healing authority of Jesus. I have seen limbs extend to normal size and deaf ears gain the ability to hear. But not all are healed.

Today a totally deaf young woman came for prayer. She lost her hearing in an auto accident. Pray as we might we could not secure Jesus healing for her. This was neither her fault. Or ours. 

What counts is not our faith but Jesus faith. I grieve when people are not healed in our meetings because they can be left with the impression that there is something about them that is too hard for God. Not so. Not all are healed in this life. I do not have an answer for this. But when we pray for healing we need not say, ‘If it is thy will.’ It is always His will to heal. But what other intervening factors exist I do not know. What I do know is that more people get healed when we pray for healing than if we don’t.

People need to know that there is a real Jesu about. That He loves people and that He has authority to undo damage and replace it with wholeness. Argumentation will not do this. But demonstration will.Hey! There is the gospel of the kingdom. Then there is the form of godliness without power.


Not with human hands

I need to say that I am an educated person. My parents blessed  me with the funds to do a degree in English and history. Later under my own choosing I did a degree in sociology and politics. In my forties with the encouragement of my wife I completed a masters degree at Monash university where I concentrated on religion in society. So I am not dismissive of ‘knowing.’ I do not enjoy the company of the willfully ignorant or the conversation of those who talk because they can. The latter can too often be found stifled by Christian myths of the kind associated with old covenant religion propagated as Christ in the new covenant age,

The spirit of life is not found in churches, citing of scripture references, bible studies or shouts of hallelujah. These may be adjuncts to his presence but they are not Him. All life comes from Jesus. Anything not Jesus is not life. Sprit-life is found in Jesus. Never in His stuff.

We must understand with our hearts that that the gospel of the kingdom is Christ our life totally and completely. This avoids whole families of Ishmael’s and kingdoms of churchman its that are not the Kingdom of God. Yet they suck up the life of the people in communities of religion rather than communities joined to Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Father did not send a church into the world. He planted His Son. Those drawn into Jesus became part of Jesus as His body. Being the body of Christ is not a connection to a widespread institution known as ‘the church.’ The church Jesus builds is Christ writ large as His people. Christ your life is His Kingdom in the world. This is the church Jesus builds, not with human hands but from the multiplication of Himself in you!

We are working with pastors of independent churches here in India. But they are not alive because they are small or independent. They glow be use Jesus has been planted, rather than the planting of an institution. Many of the leaders are ordinary folks who love Jesus and live from His life. As in Bible terms, churches are planted by finding individuals in whom is the presence of Jesus in spirit and I truth. No room for a notional Jesus here. We are talking of ordinary folks in whom is the Spirit of Jesus with His wisdom and revelation. These are smallish churches held in homes or small rooms. But a church is not a good church because it is small or large but because those it are jesus  multiplied where they are.

I get angry when people assume that a leader is a success because he has created a large church. The Kingdom of spirit-life has nothing to do with size and everything to do with Jesus. It’s possible to create large churches filled with religious consumers, made impotent by the need for a pastor to be a king. Huge churches filled with dormant Believers are tumors on the Body and should evoke despair and repentance rather than adulation.

 Yet in the age of Christ come in our flesh, we are kings and priests who minister His life by being ourselves in Christ.

All today are an apostolic people s representatives of our Father through Jesus. Those who are apostles are not so because they have a large Church or have assumed that title or because the non-discerning have labeled them as such. The Christian Industry homours its own.Many genuine apostles are unknown. They do not know they are apostles and certainly do not claim it. With Paul and Jesus they are content to be who they andare and multiply His life.

There is a church that Jesus builds and one that arises from the efforts of man.Only one represents the gospel of the Kingdom in spirit and truth. The latter is the alpha and omega, Christ writ large as His people. The discernment Jesus gives is not only the ability to discern spirits or the sources of illness and disease. It is the ability to differentiate between flesh and Kingdom. This competence come from our new covenant union with Father as daughters and sons. This makes us competent to minister Kingdom life.


Jesus Has come in Us



We had an adventurous Sunday. We spoke at four churches and many were healed at each church. The deaf hear. The blind see. Our word has been that God lives in us; that we are here to multiply what Jesus began. Tom who ministers healing on the streets in Auckland shows people how to heal in Jesus, starting with COME HOLY SPIRIT. The results are what we would expect when Christ has come in our flesh.

As a little Child


Jesus has enabled us to speak words of spirit and life. Our topic has been our life in Jesus and our union with Father through Jesus.

Tom has been leading in the healing ministry. Jesus heals through Tom and Tom models how to do it.

Tom often gets little children to pray because of their innocence and faith. And to show that this gift is for all.

This little girl had a passion for Jesus and much faith. Yet our faith is not what counts. It is Jesus faith in us.


Christ Your Life

If you are content in a routine churched – religious life, what I have to say in these blogs and the Isaiah 61 websites will be of no interest to you. But it will if you have a passion for Jesus, and desire to see Him multiplied in the human race as the new creation. The latter will never be birthed by the institutional church- but it will come through those whose idol is not institutionalism but the person of Jesus as their life. Nevertheless I do seek to awaken the inmates of the letter from the coma that the the Sorcerer had inveigled them in. There are always those looking for light and life in a dry place. This life is as close as your heart saying, ‘I want to know you for myself as who you are.’

Life for you will not be found in following me. There are enough sorcerers apprentices already offering the anaesthesia of religion to the consumers of religion – those either to innocent or too lazy to seek their salvation with fear and trembling. The mentoring of Jesus is the inheritance of all who believe, as is the authority of His life and His relationship with His Father-which is now your relationship. This relationship is as close as the expression of your heart to know Him.

Thankfully knowing Jesus is not the same as knowing religion. God is not religious. To see God is to see Jesus. Your spirit sees Him and knows Him. Seeing Jesus, you see our Father. Seeing Jesus you see who you are and who you are becoming. Christ in you will never make you a clone of anyone else. In I AM you will always be who you are and you will fulfil your reason for being.

The church Jesus builds comes out of Himself as Eve came out of Adam. Jesus is the alpha and omega in that we came out of Christ in creation. We have also come out of Him by redemption. Our being born again is the new creation in action. We are continually being drawn into the omega fullness of Christ in regard to our identity and purpose. All are sons. All are the Bride. But we are all part of Christ in different ways. As the church we complete Jesus. This is to say we present His fullness to each other and the world. But this cannot happens as consuming clones of an institution. It happens as we eat Jesus, as He becomes our life individually and together.

Some of us are not competent as ministers of the new covenant because we remain in the old. Not only are our efforts without anointing. They are surrounded by a cloud of death. This atmosphere exists despite our sincerity and because of our attachment to wrong perspectives and even other gospels – gospels that are idols and which need to be repented of.

The religious always offer a religious rationalisation for the death that is their life. Religion has a way of sanctifying nothingness, fruitlessness, vain repetition and boredom. It can suggest seemingly good reasons for the promotion of death as life. But it’s motivating spirit is anti-Christ.

You will not grow as a Church of religious clones of churchism or celebrity.  But you and those for whom Jesus is life will multiply in a rich unity and diversity when we draw all of our life from Jesus. He is not the footnote to our activity. He is our existence and our life. This is how we multiply spirit and life. Christ in you is the hope and present reality of the visible glory of God.


Christ in you

This is how you can recognise the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God 1 John 4. 3 NIV

A demon manifested in a girl at a  Christian school at which my daughter was a student. One or two knew it for what it was. Most ignored it and one did her best to deny it with a psychological rationalisation of the occurrence. I knew the latter lady reasonably well. She had a pathological resistance to the things of the spirit having made a religion for herself from the things of the head. The ‘head’ version of reality gives the illusion of control over our environment while denying us the power to perceive the puppeteers behind the façade.

I am not of the ‘demon made me do it’ school. However one cannot have a biblical or kingdom experience of life if one lives from a materialist- rationalist mind-set that denies the presence and authority of Jesus through the supernatural and the reality of demons that He cast out. Jesus ministry was not about demonology, but it was about life, love, authority and power. Disciples are instructed to heal the sick and cast out demons as multipliers of Jesus in their domain.

Demons are as real as we are and there is reason to believe that at least some of the problems presenting as psychological disorders are demonically exacerbated. If it is true that the test of Kingdom life is ‘Christ come in our flesh’ then it is more than probable that the Enemy attempts a similar strategy. This is why Paul says ‘We fight not against flesh and blood.’ This being so I am saying that people can be oppressed by demons, as with the school girl cited above and that all of us can be subject to the influence of demonic plots and ploys directed to dull, twist and annul the life and authority that is ours when Christ is our life. A key ploy is for the Enemy to con once many that Christ our life is Christ assisting us to live from the law, from religion and from shadows rather than the reality that is Christ.

Personally I have seen demons manifest in Believers living a sub-christian life. I have heard a demon speaking through a Believer,  resist the supremacy of Jesus when this was declared through a pastor. I have witnessed the confusion and inability of a person  to understand the foundational truth of life in the Spirit leaving them captive to a performance orientation that annuals spirit and life in all they do. But as a teacher remarked at  conference recently, the major area of demonic influence in the church is not ‘possession.’ It is false doctrine and the vitiating culture that flows from this. In the church at large we have almost universal ignorance of the new covenant. We have a Christian Industry based on old covenant assumptions and a lot of the church speaking new covenant while living old in its polity.

For many Christians church is the real and Jesus is the shadow. The illusion that cripples us that the church is assumed to be the manifestation of Jesus when it is mostly only the manifestation of itself and the consumers of religion. The church and kingdom grow when Jesus is our life and we are the manifestation of His presence where we are. The fact that so many live in ignorance or denial of the new covenant and the flesh come in the flesh rather than Christ incarnated in our being is evidence of a cultural demonic oppression from which many need to be set free.

And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.1 John 4.3 KJV.

Some denominations live in a faith that acknowledges Jesus while annulling all that He has done. Here  is a perverted theology and a dimmed chlritology to support it, while Believers conscientiously believe they are living in a superior revelation of truth. Actually they are living in what Jesus describes as a tare.

We are living at a time when takes are being allowed to wither. A time will come when they will be uprooted. We need to recognise the hour of our visitation. In this our the extravagant love of our Father and our position of comfort and security in Him is being revealed. The Gospel of the Kingdom where Christ Himself is our life, rather than institutions and celebrities as a proxy Christ is being preached. The power of the incarnation – of Christ alive in our flesh and His manifestation in us as the church, kingdom and new creation is the present revelation. The meaning of the words ‘in spirit and in truth are being revealed for what they are. Not us living in religion and the anaesthesia of institutionalism but as Jesus Himself manifest as Bob and Joe and the church built without human hands.