uIf we have been nurtured on ‘another gospel’ we need to rome ourselves on the Gospel of the Kingdom – the teaching of Christ and the apostles. This material is about Christ our life. It’s about Jesus being our life  in all respects. It’s focus is on the vicarious humanity of Jesus – His life as our life in all respects.

You have a life in Jesus that is far better than any life in Adam or Moses. In Christ the resurrection of His body is alive in you as is the new creation in person installed in your being. You have a prize that you can grasp and a life that is already yours. The gospel of the Kingdom is Christ your life: The person of Jesus as you! There is a gospel that is entirely the teaching of Jesus and the apostles, a Kingdom that overcomes the world and a gospel of the kingdom that is the genuine article rather than ‘another gospel’ that is the devising of men. If you have been trapped by another gospel and a faint christ, you are invited to read here.


Three posts, the Tony Abbott Chronicles start here.